Davis Daily 02-04-2009: Screwed In The A** By 20th Century Fox

The Bitbag writes:

* Fox [screwed] me in the ass
* A message to Swiff from The Koalition
* A goodie from Sony
* Every FF fan should own Lost Odyssey

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Cyrus3653485d ago

Sorry TorDavis, I know i butchered your headline, but it wouldn't be allowed on n4g, with that heading lol.

TheHater3485d ago

I am a Final Fantasy fan, and I say all Final Fantasy fans should stay away from Lost Odyssey. While the combat is interesting, ever other aspect of the game wasn't on par with it. The story was horrible, the level design was below average and the leveling up system is pure garbage. The characters wasn't very interesting at all.

Beg For Mercy3485d ago

job toris the rant about the blu ray was hilarious man i like these they are nice to watch to hear about some stuff, ay and im still gonna do the gamers crib video also

Wife Of The Bad Guy3485d ago

You were doing so well until that part.

TheHater3485d ago

Why the hell do this guy keeping posting these videos on N4G.COM. I mean seriously, do anyone on this site really gives a [email protected]#K that you got screw by fox or that you got Loco Roco 2 from Sony? What is this like a fricken Video Dairy of your day that you post up just to make yourself look important? I had a lot of respect for you until last week when you stated that you prefer DLC over exclusives. I listen to you guys podcast whenever I have time because it actually interesting and you guys actually talk about games. Seriously Torrence, this is N4G (News for GAMERS), not

LinuxGuru3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Who grabbed your hand and forced you to click this story AND comment on it?!

I'll have the police arrest the perpetrator immediately!


"Is it me, or is this getting annoying"

It's you.

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