PSP Continues Hot Streak - Media Create Sales: 01/26 - 02/01 (Software)

ChartGet has posted the latest top 10 software results in Japan. PSP took 3 of the top 5.

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morganfell3548d ago

The PSP is kicking butt. When is that hot title Ninja Blade on the 360 coming out in Japan? That ought to be really popular.

PataponKnight3548d ago

Just wait 'til Resistance: Retribution.

PantherLotus3548d ago

It's 19th this week in Japan. :|

morganfell3548d ago

You do realize I am being sarcastic, right? :) Because I think RR is going to make a dent in Japan and be huge everywhere else.

Huh3548d ago

you know maybe if ninja blade was multiplatform it would have sold better i dont know why it is exslusive to the xbox 360 in japan of all places i really dont know why

Chris3993547d ago

If you look at the software comparison charts (DS to PSP), most if not all of the top DS software is first party. By comparison, all of the PSP games are 2nd/ 3rd party.

The figures speak for themselves. As usual, Nintendo's First Party dominates on their systems. The PSP, on the other hand, seems to be quite profitable and varied with the software that supports it.

Translation: I love my PSP; keep bringing me fantastic games :)

P.S. Anyone into SRPGs should give Yggdra Union a try. Picked it up the other day and haven't been able to put it down. Really nicely enhanced wide-screen sprites, full voice work, added scenes and an anime intro make it much more than a port. It's sort of like a vastly improved Ogre Battle.

The PSP/ DS are kicking "next-gen" systems right up the as# as far as RPGs go.

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Iceman1003548d ago

Psp is dead it has been that way for along time accept it, and a newer system won't mater if they don't make games which sony doesn't know how to do anymore.

Huh3548d ago

sony doesnt know how to make games when was this news posted on n4g can you give me a link and can you go help sony make games since you are a game developer with years of experience

Wife Of The Bad Guy3548d ago

"19. [360] Ninja Blade (From Software) "

I can't believe Tomb Raider on Ps3 did better in Japan than Ninja Blade,what's going on Microsoft?

Huh3548d ago

i think microsoft are too busy with windows 7 theyre ignoring the xbox division completely

sinncross3548d ago

The crazy thing about Ninja Blade is that the PS3 exclusive the same company is doing, Demon's Souls, which releases today in Japan was in the top 10 best seller list, just below Yakuza 3, but about 9 places above Star Ocean 4.

That is crazy.

I still think SO4 will sell better (if it doesn't then Square really have to reconsider their console selection for titles)
but well done PSP. Top 2 places and the re-release of MH2G is at around 380000, it could hit half a million.

Shnazzyone3548d ago

Japan sales again... doesn't really matter.

dustgavin3547d ago

Just like your comment.

PantherLotus3547d ago

Cute retorts aside (like why you keep posting in threads you don't care about?), Japanese sales absolutely matter. Japan has 6 of the biggest publishing houses in the world, including Nintendo, Sony, Square Enix, Capcom, Konami, and Namco Bandai--and all of them built their reputation in their own backyard.

What the Japanese audience do and do not buy should absolutely matter to all gamers, because the precedent for launching games in Japan first from these publishers is without question. Look to all of the greatest gaming franchises of all time, and you'll see a large majority of them getting their first legs of momentum in the Japanese market. When a game launches in Japan and sees little return, it may never be localized in other languages. However, when a game finds a groundswell of support (ie, Rhythm Tengoku Gold or Wagamama Fashion) the liklihood of seeing those in other countries is exponentially greater.

So, while you're probably trying to be cute, and championing your precious western games (which I love too) that don't sell in Japan, the idea that Japanese sales don't matter isn't just ignorant, it's infantile. You owe it to yourself and your console of choice to know why.

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