Dead Rising Wii: Does it really look like vomit on a disc?

According to destructoid: "Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop has been something of a laughing stock among the majority of the gamer community, following as it does a well-received Xbox 360 title that offered pretty good graphics and, more importantly, a mall absolutely stuffed with countless zombies that were begging to be brained.

Unfortunately, Dead Rising's upcoming Wii counterpart is less impressive. A comparitive handful of zombies appear on the screen, and the graphics are not what one would call impressive. However, does the game really look like a prolapsed dog anus, as many argue, or is it perfectly adequate?"

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Gazman3573d ago

Nope because vomit on a disc is more entertaining

primordialmeme3573d ago (Edited 3573d ago )

"Sterling: Nah, my problem with the Wii is that it introduced gaming to the same type of people who made 'The Fast Food Song' a hit record. Nothing to do with graphics."

Sharpshell3573d ago


so true though

ThanatosDMC3572d ago

I wish they make a zombie game that uses a different type of zombie norm. Zombies for the most part are always portrayed as human beings that lost their consciousness and only want to eat other living human people.

However, i want for them to swap that norm and make normal zombies freaks of nature that mutated into monsters. If you've played Dead Space, wouldnt it be more frightening and engrossing to slaughter and die against hordes of Necromorphs than fighting slow very predictable zombies?

primordialmeme3573d ago

Wow. Let me just say, I am not a violent person, but whoever made that song should be publicly tortured, then shot execution style.

Hellsvacancy3573d ago

Wots Dead Space gonna look like on the Wii if DR:CTYD looks like that

SinnedNogara3572d ago

If these games were really pushing the Wii's power, they would look like The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Dark Athena and beyond. Dead Space better look like that, when I told my friends of Dead Space Wii they said it would look like crap.

Speaking of which, can the Left 4 Dead Engine be used on the Wii since the game looks like crap.

And when will someone answer my question on why do Virtual Console and WiiWare games like Sin & Punishment take up 287 blocks while RE4 take up 1???

re43573d ago

At least the wii users will have 1 more game that is different from coloring ponies and cooking bacon.

ChickeyCantor3573d ago

Interesting comment. Excellent comment.
Have a bubble.

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