GDC director: PS3 owners will be "very happy" next week

As GDC rapidly approaches, GameDaily's James Brightman sat down with conference director Jamil Moledina to discuss possible PS3 announcements among other things. According to Moledina, PS3 owners will be "very happy" come March 7 after hearing Phil Harrison's keynote. "Not to be coy but you'll just have to come to his talk" he told GameDaily. "All I can say is that I stand behind my ['very happy'] comment."

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AudioRage4308d ago

im very happy right now.

T-Virus4308d ago

I can't wait till we find out what all 3 console players got up their sleeve's!

Killer Cop4308d ago

Sounds very interesting...

TheMART4308d ago

Actually admitting PS3 owners aren't happy now?

techie4308d ago

Happy now, VERY happy next week

Torch4308d ago (Edited 4308d ago )

You again.

Quick...where's the bug spray???

Lebauski4308d ago

You're like most wives, Mart! Take a statement and turn it around until it fits your oppinion.
"Do I look fat in this?" "No!"
"What? You think I'm fat?" "Never said that!"
"But you were THINKING it!" ... and so on!

"PS3 owners will be happy"
"Actually admitting PS3 owners aren't happy now? " ...

Torch4308d ago

Hee-hee!...a very precise and funny analogy.

DiLeCtioN4308d ago

look if you like ms and their 360 stick with them if you dont like sony and their ps3 piss off. f{__)king Dlck head. and i dont think ill be unhappy with my ps3 even if i only get 75% of bc games also i have 2 games that were realesed recently

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The story is too old to be commented.