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Mike Hartnett on writes: "Home Community Manager CydoniaX has just posted the details for Home v1.10 set to go live this Thursday, February 5th."

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Jonray3422d ago

update, in my opinion, home is still in beta and i still am waiting for other features like the trophy collection thatll be awesome, im glad they r fixing lots of problems and improving performance!! LOADING TIMES WILL BE FASTER!!

legendkilla3422d ago

not too bad of a update !

Kleptic3422d ago

wonder if the new game spaces are coming with Warhawk, Resistance, and 'others' (most likely LBP, which has been rumored to be getting one soon for a few weeks)...

but oh well...improved game launching stuff is always welcome...even if its for games I don't really play that much anymore...

eagle213422d ago

and access to my music in certain spots.

ProperFunked3422d ago

ppl are still actually using home. i havent been on it for the last month or so, surprised if anyone else has. many just to play some pool, other then that......?...

BrunoM3422d ago

i mean really kool these plus the news of all the new stuff coming home is going to xhange big time and well we all knew it was coming only haters and fanboy were thinkning home was just what u see now..!


Okay guys and gals - as promised, we’re going to give you a peek into what to expect in terms of content updates in the very near future. Note: We’re not releasing exact dates to the public on any of this. Don’t ask; we won’t tell. The only way to make sure you don’t miss out is to log in to PlayStation Home often.

Anyhow, coming straight for you all are:

A proverbial boatload of game spaces - including spaces for Warhawk, SOCOM, Resistance, and many, many more (we’ll announce more spaces in the coming weeks)...

Of course, you’re all aware of the EA Sports Complex. But let’s just say that is coming sooner rather than later. And it’s cooler than you imagined.

These spaces will usher in the next phase of Home. They will begin to utilize this uber-powerful platform’s true capabilities. We’re talking unlocking items in the games you play from Home (and vice versa), mini-games that take full advantage of the Sixaxis controller, game launching integration. The whole shebang!

We also have leaderboards. Huzzah!

You can also count on tons of apartments and clubhouses that boast increasingly interactive environments. These spaces are freakin’ awesome. You’re going to love ‘em.

Picture frames are coming back. We’re not giving a solid date at this time, but suffice to say you will have them very, very soon.

You’ll have more music, more regularly. And, yes, there will be all different styles (this means that all of you rockers can rejoice!)

You’ll have a bigger Theater, and it will be full of videos (and not just trailers either).

You’ll be able to customize your avatar with more gear – and this stuff is hot. Oh, and there are tons of options for the girls as well. We’re not forgetting about you.

And, to top it all off, we’re gonna be throwing tons of parties, contests, and other events in Home (including a special event to coincide with Valentine’s Day. It’s going to be a killer event). The prizes will be bigger and better than ever before. If you haven’t participated in anything we’ve done before, we’re sure you will now.

See, we weren’t lying when we said we were going to make good on our word to you all.

We appreciate your patience while we make the final tweaks to ensure that all of this is smooth as can be. And we appreciate you diehards keeping the faith while the naysayers pretended like the Beta launch was the be-all, end-all of Home. No way, no how.

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Stryfeno23422d ago

What is this update about? New glitches, New microtransaction clothing?

BrunoM3422d ago

Its a sut up for the big updates coming soon and fixes some smal bugs .... if you dont know what i mtalking about look at GAMER ZONE post 1.5 youl get ur info there..

DERKADER3422d ago

Will they ever bring back the proximity voice chat? I though that was the best feature Home had going for it and the most social but i guess Sony had to many $50 bluetooth keyboards in stock so voice chat had to go in public areas.

BrunoM3422d ago

humm give it its time (read post 1.5) it will come back .. as for the WHY they toke ti come on is people fault use it for stupid things .. but what ever its coming back.. sooner than you think

THC CELL3422d ago

i think they will be getting stable servers and adding a better block system

Sheikh Yerbouti3421d ago

Home is better without it. It could be too much of a distraction. Plus, I've been harassed by a bunch or racist jerks in HOME who relish being a jackass without threat of getting their faces rearranged.

solidsnakus3422d ago

great. time to redownload everysingle area ... again.

BrunoM3422d ago

True that is the part that i dislike the most about these REALLY good updates .. but o well smal price to "pay" lol..

phosphor1123422d ago


I just ordered my 320g HDD, so I can't wait to back up 30 some gigs of content..*sigh*. It's ok though, sure beats a 40 gig.

Theoneneo813422d ago

wasnt this already posted like a few hours ago
* cough cough*

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