Up Close With SEGA's New Portable Hardware

Last fall, word first broke of the SEGA VISION, which was rumored to be a PSP rival and a re-entry into the portable hardware gaming sphere. That is, until SEGA shot down those rumors. A SEGA spokesperson stated last year, "The VISION is primarily an MP4 video player with some basic games functionality, and not a new handheld gaming machine."

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Timberland2K93449d ago

sega come harder next time. We loved your old systems PS I loved dreamcast

Cajun Chicken3449d ago

Sega making hardware?...I hope this is just the start.

fossilfern3449d ago

It would be good if sega came back in the market but that means 4 consoles and thats far too much money for the averege person. But it would be good like the good old days :) the MP4 player looks good tho maybe if they get enough money they quite possibly could consider making one ? Will probably sort them terible Sonic games

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The story is too old to be commented.