G4TV: Halo Wars Direct-Feed Hands-On: Gameplay, Cinematics, and Grizzly Tanks Oh My

G4TV writes: "Ensemble Studios might have gone the way of the dodo. However, its swan song RTS Halo Wars, veers ever closer to its March 3 launch date. The demo goes live tomorrow via Xbox Live Marketplace, but we had the chance to get our hands on this console RTS entry now. Here's some direct-feed footage featuring a cinematic, campaign gameplay, with UNSC cast members and the uber-awesome Grizzly tank unit. (Part 2 after the cut)

Bringing the real-time strategy genre to consoles is not an easy task. (Starcraft 64 anyone?) As of late, Tom Clancy's EndWar introduced voice-commands.Sega's upcoming Stormrise will also be touting frontline perspectives to change things up. Both attempt to pack something different into the console RTS table to find that elusive success the industry refuses to give this genre."

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ngg123453548d ago

That wasn't AAA or AA quality. That rts stuff looks pretty outdated. I mean it looked like starcraft 1 fighting mission. Nothing like company of heroes or world in conflict. I mean it is really simple gameplay, and I hated those missions in starcraft. They never really took skill just move your units and shoot.

NaiNaiNai3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

im gona laugh when i catch you on starcraft and zerg rush you back to infancy.