New Official Trailer of the movie Dragonball: Evolution has released the second trailer of Dragonball: Evolution. Hit the link to watch it.

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Playa79703539d ago

Wow what did i just watch... they ruined this movie...

Voozi3539d ago


That's all I gotta say

KillZ OWNED3539d ago (Edited 3539d ago )

You should see the first trailer O_o

Where is Bulma's blue hair? Let me guess, it would be unrealistic. So flying and shooting energy blasts is ok but blue hair is too fake

I think I just had an epileptic seizure...

Sarcasm3539d ago


But I'm probably gonna watch it anyway. Haven't seen a good comedy in awhile.

DeadIIIRed3539d ago

The fight scene in the air looks ridiculous (as in reaaaaaalllyyy dumb). And why does Roshi have hair, but no beard?

kparks3530d ago

wow this looked terrible to me and every one on the site was like this is awesome LOL and the trailer got incredible votes what were they watching this is ridicules and newer should have been made and the characters look nothing like anybody....FACE PALM...FACE PALM..FACE PALM.. I CANT STOP HITTING MYSELF

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rucky3539d ago

Wow it's like watching 2 girls and 1 cup

Sarcasm3539d ago

Really? I think some folks enjoyed 2 girls and a cup more. (As twisted as that is)

DeadIIIRed3539d ago

Bad memories I've tried to suppress are all coming back now. Dam* you!

hydro-lx3539d ago

the creators of dragon ball series had lemons, they skipped lemon aid and made lemon cake, now they're back to sour puss lemons.

-EvoAnubis-3539d ago

This movie will be funny as hell. Can't wait to see how badly they dorked it up.

TrevorPhillips3539d ago

Ummm why is there a white person playing goku?

Sayai jin3539d ago

Ummm. Well you will here people say that Goku was alien in the anime. Even the Akira Toriyama said he made most of the DBZ fighters after his own like. I thought that Gokua should have been played by an Asian (or looks), but hey this movie has even more issues.

On Topic, I realize it is called Dragon Ball Evolution. Keyword Evolution. Goku has insecurity and is unsure of himself, what? Piccolo is yellowish grey with no antenna's, wth? Bulma is walking around toting guns, huh? Goku is a teenager and hist grandfather is still alive? Krillin, Goku's best friend is not even in the movie, excuse me? The list goes on and on. Sure movies like Transformers were not exactly like the cartoon, but they kept true to the story and did not make it cheesy which it could have been easily. Many of my DBZ brethren are quite disappointed.

I think this movie had a 100 million dollar budget, what a shame. I hope I am wrong.

Casting is a big part of a movie, this guy playing Goku is not very convincing. Hopefully if and when they make a DBZ movie they have a better cast. Like:

Goku: Jason Scott Lee or Chang Chen or mabye Jet Li
Vegeta: Jet Li or Billy Chow
Krillin: "scrathes head"
Gohan: collin chou or Chang Chen
Master Roshi: Jackie Chan or Randall Duk Kim or Yasuaki Kurata
Nappa: Goldeberg (acting could be a problem)
Piccolo: CG would be the best way to go
Chi Chi: Michelle_Yeoh or Ada Choi or Luci Lu
Bulma: Zhang Ziyi or Shinobu Nakayama or Luci Lu

nightmareluffy13539d ago

Bulma in early dragon ball always carried guns,although not to shoot the bad guys but mostly to shot goku and co. any time she got pissed or embarrassed.

Sayai jin3539d ago

@nightmareluffy1 - I have every DB, DBZ, and DB GT episode and I do not remember this. There was a character named Launch. She carried guns all the time.

nightmareluffy13539d ago you must be familiar with the censored American stuff.

Sayai jin3539d ago

Thanks for the info. I guess it has been while since I watched DB. No, I lived in Japan for over 5 years so I watch all my anime raw and uncut.

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