GameTrailers: White Knight Chronicles Import Preview HD

GameTrailers writes: "The next-gen crusade may yet be won, by the upcoming White Knight Chronicles."

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Huh3484d ago

that looks very nice and clean just how i like it

3484d ago
3sq3484d ago (Edited 3484d ago )

I personally think the 2006 trailer/build looks way better.

Edit: here's the link for 2006 trailer.

As you can see, the textures are sharper and more details.

NaiNaiNai3484d ago

this is supposed to compete with FF13 and SO4.



oh oh, oh god, thats grand.

3sq3484d ago

Go and look at this game's sale in Japan. If you know nothing, please keep your mouth/mind shut.


Llort3484d ago

FF13 is 2010 and I'm pretty sure SO4 looks so terrible it's excused into its own league.

Remember Xbox 360 doesn't really have any good JRPGS, but it does have JRPGS. Better than nothing I guess, even if they suck hard.

NaiNaiNai3484d ago

WKC was beatin out by a SE psp game. as for FF13 its coming out in 2009 in japan, will wipe the floor with WKC. and just FYI. if you haven't seen the videos or pictures of the hype around SO4, then your just a blind fanboy. SO4 will outsell WKC and get higher scores not because its a 360 exclusive but because its a better game.

Dawn_Of_Ashes3484d ago

lol wut?

They know japenese at game trailer? or they only did random thing?

Eromu3484d ago

"a whole lot of Mecha"

FFFFFFFFFFFFF they aren't Mecha.

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