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Zip3599d ago

THE PACIFIC?! WHY? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ?!

TheIneffableBob3599d ago

I hope it's false.

I want a Battlefield 3!
Set in a time period similar to BF2.

VMAN_013599d ago

Yeh I want battelfield 3 not 1943 lol

bumnut3599d ago

can't wait, i loved bf 1942 (best one imo)

the new ones are ok but the jets are too fast, i think bf games work better with older technology where you have to aim manually instead of locking on to something.

i loved the dog fights in bf 1942, and the carrier vs carrier level was amazing

Mozilla893599d ago

I loved Coral Sea, I had some of the best dogfights and general flying fun in that level. The other BF's are okay but like you said about the jets, they're too fast. BF 2142 wasn't too bad though, it was my second favorite after 1942

QUNE3599d ago

I still play BF1942 every once-in-a-while and it's still a blast. I hope this is true!

Ghoul3599d ago

i love the pace of bf1942 please dont make another modernwarfare game im totally stuffed with it.

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