Tekken 6 - New trailer

Eurogamer Portugal published a new trailer from Tekken 6. Enjoy!

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ALIEN3547d ago

it looks ok! I think street fighter will be better than this.

NaiNaiNai3547d ago

lets see a 2d/3d fighter versus a real 3d fighter. no matter what button mashers may tell you tekken will take the cake over SF4.

lord_of_balrogs3547d ago

I'll play the demo on my 360 before I decide to buy.

Mandaspt3547d ago

I think Tekken is more easy to learn than Street Fighter, its more casual than the fighting game from Capcom.

Supercalifragili3547d ago

I think it´s more of the same. Nothing new here.

Jamaicangmr3547d ago

Am not liking this RPG sh!t though i don't wan them to cheapen the Tekken experience with cheesy weapons. Tekken is supposed to fist to fist. Anyway we'll see.

NateNater3547d ago

The weapons are mainly there to add a little more variety to the game. Sure you can punch and kick your way through your opponent and finally K.O. them after so long. But wouldn't you also like to have the option to finish them off with a guitar smack to the face or a high heel lodged in thier throat? The weapons are there to add more fun to the already fun gameplay. Just wait, you'll see.