"The Dark Knight" sold 2.8 million Blu-ray discs worldwide

The Dark Knight Blu-Ray has sold 2.8 million units worldwide till date , with 2 million units coming from USA

" Warner reported more than 2.8 million sold Blu-ray discs of "The Dark Knight.Since the launch in December will be made in the USA more than 2 million and the rest of the world than 850,000 copies of the Blu-ray discs have been sold.In the U.S., in the first week, more than 1 million Blu-ray discs sold."

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sevchenko3599d ago

imagine Watchmen Blu ray sales

i predict 10 million

also TDK is 23$.

expect more sales of the movie on Blu Ray when it comes down to 10$

Blu ray will overtake DVD this year. mark my words

soxfan20053599d ago

Blu-ray will not overtake DVD anytime in the near future, regardless of how well Dark Knight sells. Go in to a Best Buy, Wal Mart, Target, or Blockbuster on any Tuesday and count how many copies of a specific new movie are on the shelf on DVD and Blu-ray. DVD still outpaces blu-ray about 10:1. I know, I work at one of those stores - I've seen the sales reports.

dustgavin3599d ago

The reason there is so many more copies of dvd on the shelf is because people are all buying blu-ray. Take your lame dvd comments to the hd-dvd section.

ChampIDC3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

It definitely won't overtake DVD in the near future, but it's nice to see it's doing well.

So he mentions DVD and you instantly bring in HD-DVD? Are you insecure about Blu-ray or something? He didn't mention it at all. Chill out chief. DVD is going to outpace Blu-ray, because it's extremely cheap. Someday, Blu-ray is going to be the cheap disc and there will be another, better one out that won't sell as well until it becomes cheap. It's an endless cycle.

dustgavin3599d ago

Insecure because I mention hd-dvd? Chief?

Sure thing, pal.

LoydX-mas3599d ago

Read before sticking foot in mouth:


NOTE second paragraph:"standard-DVD units still compromise 97.1% of the market"

ALSO : "SNL Kagan said the next-generation high-definition packaged-media format will attain 60% market share in 2014"

So according to research firms that actually get paid to project ACTUAL growth (not your personal Blu-ray goggle dreams) say it will take another 4-5 YEARS before Blu-ray sells more than SD-DVD.

dustgavin3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Thanks for the insight. That is just another opinion like yours and mine. Now please move along young man.

LoydX-mas3599d ago

It is the opinion of a company that has over 38 years media experience.

I'm sure that sevchenko's "Blu-ray will overtake DVD this year" and your opinion that more DVDs are on shelves because "everyone is buying Blu-ray" is based on how many years research?

I can only assume that this company knows far more than you and has probably been in this business twice as long as you have been alive.:)

Now you run along little boy.

Sarcasm3599d ago

Yeah yeah the usual "Blu-Ray is Dead" and "PS3 has no games" crew. Don't you guys have 360 games to play instead of troll BD/PS3 news all the time?

SaiyanFury3598d ago

The Dark Knight is selling very well on Blu-ray. Beyond that BD needs saving, it's true. BD is completely doomed despite it's great sales. I guess the world is also coming to an end as BD and the PS3 need saving because of poor sales. We're all [email protected] since Sony's efforts are completely in vain. I can't wait until the next doomed Sony console/HD format.

Argento-Nox3598d ago

I'm actually waiting for Lord of the Rings and Star Wars on blu-ray. I'm pretty sure those 2 titles alone would move plenty of people to blu-ray.

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Sangria3599d ago

Saying that France is still waiting for it... Damnit !

sevchenko3599d ago

I will buy my copy when price comes down a little

Sangria3599d ago

Actually i'm wondering if UK BluRay had french language and subtitles? In that case i may order The Dark Knight on, i would save 30% of the price.

sevchenko3599d ago

if it has French subtitles then u will get some info at the site

Daver3599d ago

If you order from canada you will get the french version for sure

cryymoar3598d ago

France doesn't have bluray yet?
what kind of sick world is this????

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MGOelite3599d ago

you couldnt resist could you lol

sevchenko3599d ago

its payback time

with KZ2 and Blu ray 2009 is the year of blu ray and ps3

expect some serious meltdown when KZ2 demo comes ashore in a few hours

3599d ago
cryymoar3598d ago

and 2008 was a great year for the PS3. Hence, we all got to play BETTER games than you and yours.
MGS4, LBP, R2, MS2. What did you have? Gears 2, and i'll be generous to say Fable 2. Maybe even Banjo kazooie. HAHAHAHA go cool off your xb360 or something.

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ElementX3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

If you consider the number of PS3s out there, in addition to the other Bluray players, it's not very impressive. I know, I know, it's a huge number for Bluray, however it's only a small percentage of the total players out there. If you think of the acclaim this movie received, and how many people want the best version, it's rather small.

I love this movie, and I own the Bluray version (I have PS3).

3599d ago
ElementX3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I haven't even played my 360 since my buddy came over. When I'm home I play PS3. If visitors want to play 360, I turn it on. Want to know what games I have for 360? Well, I have Fable 2. I traded in the others to buy PS3 games.

How about PS3? Well I own LBP, Resistance 2, Dead Space, Ratchet and Clank, Warhawk, COD5, Prince of Persia, Uncharted, MGS4.

I FULLY ADMIT I WAS A 360 FANBOY. Unlike TheMart and PowerofGreen, 360 fans can change their minds. I don't see why you hate me for what I said months and months ago. Look at my recent posts, they've been positive towards the PS3. Well, there are instances of me dissing HOME because you have to buy furniture and clothes.

burbulla3599d ago

If you consider the the number of DVD titles sold against the number of DVD players out there i.e. stand alone DVD players + PCs + Xbox + 360 + PS2 + PS3 etc, the ratio of Dark knight Blu-ray becomes awesome.

Congratulations Warner B.

thebudgetgamer3599d ago

screw explaining yourself to poeple



pixelsword3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

despite the propaganda you might have heard.

even if it was from me. :D

bigman73873599d ago

Haha o PoG. Is he still around under a psuedo-name?

ElementX3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I understand what you're saying, but here's my reasoning...

I figure the PS3 crowd would be into Dark Knight because well, it's just f*#king amazing. The people who own PS3s probably grew up with Batman comics, the original Batman series with Adam West, or Batman: The Animated Series on TV. PS3 owners tend to be in their teens to middle age.

People who buy Bluray players tend to be in the same group as PS3 owners. Most younger people, however, would buy PS3 because it also plays some kick-ass games. Middle aged people, who aren't gamers, would possibly buy a Bluray player. These people are probably familiar with the original Batman series. I know I'm taking a leap of faith here, but....

The people who buy the latest in technology (Bluray) are probably very familiar with Batman, either with the original series, the cartoon, or comics. I figure these people would also like the Dark Knight movie, so I believe sales would be higher.

Ok, some people who are familiar with Batman may not like him, but they suck, because Batman kicks ass. He's just a regular guy with some sweet gadgets, he's not a phony superhero like Superman or Spiderman, who have far fetched powers that aren't even possible.

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