Rumored US PS Store Content for 02/05/09

Anthony Severino of writes:

"Time once again for another Rumored PS Store Content… However this week, there really isn't all that much content that has been confirmed or rumored, however the few items we do have information on, are quite promising. EA is bringing it's 3-on-3 NHL Arcade game to the PSN this week for the low price of $9.99. Of course we will be getting our weekly LBP DLC, Rock Band DLC, and Guitar Hero World Tour as usual. If we get more information, as always we will update the post."

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Sangria3481d ago

"Valkyria Chronicles DLC (Please Sega! Please?!?)"
Ah, don't worry about that, Europe doesn't even have Oblivion DLC.
It will be there soon or later.

Sev3481d ago

WTF? No Oblivion DLC yet? That is preposterous!!! SCEE is seriously slacking. Well at least you guys get the Killzone 2 demo the correct way.

TheHater3481d ago

Have you guys ever stop to think why the contents may not have been release for Europe yet for Oblivion? Just may the developers didn't develop the contents for the European version.

cLiCK_sLiCK93481d ago

No Qore? mmm... i thought a new Qore esp was released the first thurday of every month. I guess i was wrong.

Marcan213481d ago

Yes it is supposed to be every first thursday, but it's not the first time they fail to release it on date. I'm a qore suscriber and I should really have goten Burnout instead.

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Chaos Striker3481d ago (Edited 3481d ago )

MLB '09 want

go red sox!

**I used to live in Franklin, MA but I moved since going to college. Nonetheless, I still retain my loyalty for Boston. Nothing like a good red sox vs yankees game at Fenway. Definitely great times.

Sev3481d ago

Ah a fellow sox fan on N4G? I thought there were only yankee fans here.

From Revere my friend. Where are you?

BaSeBaLlKiD7213481d ago

no way!!!


ill do the math for you guys


PataponKnight3481d ago

Well I'm here to tell you guys your both wrong cause the Phils are gonna be kicking some serious a$$, AGAIN!

TheTimeDoctor3481d ago

Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, and Bruins, what other city has top tier teams in all major sports?

Peow3481d ago

St Louis Cardinals ftw! ^-^

ALL_STAR_283481d ago

The Seattle Mariners baby!!! They suck but o well lol

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OSIRUSSS3481d ago

As a Sf Giants fan I'm staying out of this one. I guess you guys can always play MLB 09 on PSN to settle the question who is better Yanks Or Saux. I have never played a MLB game on PSN, how is it?

SCE3481d ago


World Champs Baby!!!!

jessehaysfl3481d ago

Marlins? O.K. Maybe Devil Rays oh wait now there just the rays.....

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