The PS3 Launch: Three Months Later

GamePro speaks to retailers and examines supply and demand for the PS3 three months after its storied launch.

Gamepro spoke with one manager at an unnamed gaming retail chain, and he informed us that his store, as well as the stores in the surrounding area, really have no shortage of stock.

"We'll get a shipment of, say, 10 PS3s, and it takes us about a week and a half to two weeks to sell them all," he tells us. "Meanwhile, we get even more Xbox 360 units than that on a weekly basis, and they take us only a week to sell out."

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PureGamer4304d ago

ye title says it, they like there xbox because its american, and they cant be arsed to go out and work for somthing :)

bung tickler4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

yeah its cuz we are american, thats why we all had ps2's last gen...

the reason is because the xbox is, for all gaming purposes about equal if not slightly better than the ps3, only the xbox is $200 cheaper and has way more games and better online. only an fanboy or someone that wants to watch blu-ray movies would buy a ps3 if they only had enough money to buy one system.

Silver3604304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

Keep your judgements about american work ethics to yourself. And a damn videogame machine just doesn't mean the same thing when people have families to feed. And no matter where you are from $600 is a lot for a toy. So before you talk your fanboyisms let the price come down then see where the PS3 stands as a platform. We are still in the early adopter phase for all 3 consoles. Nothing will be determined until the price drops start.

miasma4304d ago

just a question (and anyone can answer), you say "We are still in the early adopter phase for all 3 consoles", the XBOX360 has been out well over a year (here in north america), how much more time will it take to be considered out of the early adopter phase? this is just a question, i am no fanboy, i like both PS3 and Xbox360 so don't kill me...

fjtorres4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

Traditionally, the end of early adopter sales is considered to come with the price hitting $199. This generation may be different (staring prices being beigher for PS3) so a good guess might be the early adopter phase ends with the first price cut. For now, anybody buying these consoles is paying a premium to be the first (or second) kid on the block with one. Most buyers don't care to pay a premium and prefer to wait for the price cut.

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Ggame4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

But it's a same thing that Japanese deny Xbox.

THAMMER14304d ago

People like PS3 and allot are looking forward to the next few years. The thing that is slowing the PS3 down (IMO) is games that really show its power. I would gladly go spent $600.00 right away if there was just a game that extremely outperforms my 360.

I buy all the tom Clancy games, Sports, and sci-fi and 1st. shooters that are on both PS3 and 360 so I have from what I know technically and from personal experience the best console for my games needs. The same for every one else I know the 360 is what dose it. I have two friends with PS3's who also own 360's the only time we play PS3 is for R: FOM online and the demos. Nothing is blowing the 360 away to the point where you would stop buying your games for the 360 yet.

If every thing goes the way Sony says 2008 - 2009 we will see the Sony difference.

fjtorres4304d ago

2008-9 will probably see the Wii HD hit the market.
And 360 will be running $149 by then.

timmyp534304d ago

but i agree once the games come the truth will be evident.

Drew4304d ago

It's all the same. "Once it launches in Europe." "Once Lair/Motorstorm/InsertGameHere is released." "Once there's a price drop." Yada yada, nobody cares.

Lebauski4304d ago (Edited 4304d ago )

"Once it launches in Europe."

Nobody cares?
January sales figures WORLDWIDE for 360: 294,000
(please, please, please.. it's Europe.. they sold 40 Million PS2 there!)

I was able to play the 360 at a friend - honestly, it's a great console. But please! No one can be that naive not to think, that with the figures above, the PS3 won't outsell 360.

Covenant4304d ago

My BB store takes about the same amount of time to move the same amount of PS3 units. For example, we received 30 units right after Christmas, and it took until the end of the month to move 2/3 of them (the rest we sent to other stores, smaller ones which had sold out). 360 sold very well the first 2 weeks of the year, then slowed down for about a month, only to pick up quite a bit over the past 2 weeks. That's one store, in one city, so take it as you will. My .02 worth.

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