Videogamer: Resident Evil 5 Hands-on Preview

Videogamer writes: "After spending a few hours replaying the recently released demo of Resident Evil 5 we were happy, but ever so slightly concerned. A demo isn't really the best way to get a feel for a game like this, with two small sections failing to really give an impression of the bigger picture. With that in mind we settled in for a few days of the real deal: the first three chapters of Capcom's guaranteed survival horror smash hit. But is it still a survival horror game? And is it the kind of game we want in this day and age?"

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Coolmanrico3604d ago

I know I'm going to enjoy this game.

zach19803604d ago

iv got the demo played it on my own and with my mate it was a blast it took my mate a few minutes to get used to it the controls but it was fun and shall enjoy it on march 13th

mjcrow333604d ago

I liked the demo, can't wait for the full version.

Blackmoses3604d ago

just don't get why everyone is complaining about the controls or why you cant shoot and run. As far as i can remember you've never been able to shoot and run in any Resident Evil game. The developers felt it added to the tension of the game play. It works for me. I love the demo and played it quite frequently........can't wait till it comes out. I was thinking of getting dead space but I might like this one a little better.....

zach19803604d ago

i agree it dose build up the tension when you shooting and can't move as you have to get though's shots in, that guy with the giant ax is coming at you and loads of crazy people attacking you at the same time and the one with the chain saw coming after me i ran like mad it was bloody hard though lol