Saints Row 2: 2.6m Shipped

Edge writes: "THQ revealed on Wednesday the sales performance of some its high profile games.

Volition-developed Saints Row 2, released in October, has sold 2.6 million to date, the firm said.

In addition, WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 shipped more than 4 million units to date; de Blob has shipped 700K; and Big Beach Sports has shipped 1.2 million."

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ape0073571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

saints row 2 was mad fun

it's an awesome game

go get it now

I want saints row 3,please make it volition


my wishlist:

1-san andreas size map
2-higher production values and more substance(better graphics,good physics,better animations,make the city and charactars feel more believeable,etc...)

3-excellent main character

4-more weaponss,missions,etc..

but remeber volition,the most important things is,production values and more substance,remember these two please

of course,they'll need blu-ray to put all this,so make it on ps3 only

T-Baggins3571d ago

I loved every second of Saints Row 2, The graphics were not the best but if that's keeping you from getting the game your a moron, It trumps GTA4 in every way including story, its full of side missions and enjoyable characters. I can not wait for Saints Row 3.

I do have one question were in the hell is the downloadable content they talked about before the game even came out.

N4Garbage3571d ago

Well I won't go on to say that Saints Row 2 trumps GTAIV in every way because what Rockstar managed to handle was amazing.

GTAIV did lack the customization of Saints Row2 but the city and visuals and open world online component made GTAIV in my opinion still one of the best sandbox titles this generation.

Also the ability for DLC to be added and create a new plot and characters that can spans over 12+hours is pretty damn amazing for a sandbox game.

Liberty Cities architecture and scale could be a spin off for many GTAs to come and I wouldn't mind...with DLC being able to change the face of a game so easily...a DLC with CJ and gang tearing it up in Liberty City could be possible and epic.