News Roundup: EA Fails Big, Crysis Saves the Day, New LEGO Game Announced

Today in the round up, Disney Interactive loses 45 billion dollars while LEGO Battles is revealed, and Crytek picks up Free Radical Design.

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cain1413540d ago

Lego= license to print money...

lord_of_balrogs3540d ago (Edited 3540d ago )

Guess what Crytek is probably gonna make TimeSplitters 4 multiplatform.

@Kigmal it's a typo, the article states it's 45 million.

Bnet3433540d ago

"Disney Interactive loses 45 billion dollars"

Uhhhh .... 45 billion? Really?

mr durand pierre3540d ago

Anyone else a bit sick of the Lego games by now? They were good at first, but they're all basically the same game with a palette swap.

cain1413540d ago

I haven't bought any of them, but they are great to play with younger relatives who are sorta just getting into gaming...

Viewtiful3540d ago

I never play them, I just think they're cute to have around, so I like them.

VirtualKatz3540d ago

I love the Lego titles, and though it might sound kiddish I am really looking forward to it!

SirLarr3540d ago

Best move by Crysis, I swear.

prunchess3540d ago

Set those programmers that worked on FAR CRY on Timesplitters 4.


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