Scar Wars: Characters with Scars

Not every character escapes unscathed. Pretty faces get cut, chests burned and torsos sliced. These video game icons bare the marks of battle. Some wear their scars as badges of honor, while others use them to fuel their quests for revenge.

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PLASTICA-MAN3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

95% of them are lame fighters from fighting games and also with the same games! They can continue with the lame character in Bloody Roar (Who can transform into a lion)& who has a missnig eye and 1 mile-long-scar on the face and also Scar the bad lion in the lion king THE GAME (haha Scar with scar lol)!
Where is the new Prince Of Persia, Major Zero,Olga and The Boss from the MGS series? Aren't they more important characters? The scar in the Boss's body has an entire story related to the game revealing one of (if not) the best endings in video games of all times!The only relevant one I can see is the Kratos!Stupid article!

Tony P3599d ago

Scars are serious bizness, apparently.

PixlSheX3599d ago

Tony Montana is bada55... fvck u =)!

KKanjiAnkh3599d ago

You do remember Zues rammed, the Bade of Olympus in his chest, and momma Gaia put some Neosporin, and bandaids on his ouchie, kissed him, patted him on the butt, while smiling, and said"Becareful Kraty." LOL

Sangria3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

I love Dragunov's scars, and he seems to love them too since he always caress them.
But my favorite one would be Kain, with his huge scar on the torso.

Staircase3599d ago

Where the hell is squall?

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