Halo Wars: Can it Not Suck?

Precious few RTSs have ever managed to separate themselves from the herd of terrible PC-Console translations. TGR got an advanced look at the game, and they've got the answer.

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3602d ago
lokiroo4203602d ago

Can it not suck? Only if it starts blowing instead!

cryymoar3602d ago

So long as the game will not support key board and mouse, thus eliminating micromanagement, then the game will suck.
RTS - micro management = FAIL.

hippo243602d ago

Yea, huzzah, yippi ki yea
lets attack games we've never even played.

Hurray Hurray is this how it feels to be hypocrite mommy.

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Why dis3602d ago

3 great previews so far.

N4PS3G3602d ago

lol've got a fan club of haters

actually your statement is completely true
1.Ve3tro preview insider

3 great previews right there ;)

itagaki3602d ago

I'm kind of looking forward to this game and even more so when we see discounts on it. Few games are worthy of full price, except for Ninja Gaiden 2 and Gears of War 2.

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pumpkinpunker3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

And I love how previewers point out the one flaw of the game being that the computer doesn't put up much of a fight. The demo is the first two levels of the game. I am 100% sure, in true Halo fashion, the difficulty and AI of the computer opponent will ramp up considerably as you progress through the campaign.

I wasn't prepared for this game to be good. My wallet is going to hurt more than I expected this March.

Blaze9293602d ago

Because I'm hearing really good thing about this game even the fact that its on a console. Will judge tomorrow, I think it release then.

cain1413602d ago


Skirmish mode is also included. Even on the hardest difficulty it's a joke...

andyo133602d ago

only say its good cause it's got halo on it

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NeverforgetNES3602d ago

Great Preview. I'll have to go steal my roommate's 360 so I can play the demo. haha. He'll never know.

Elven63602d ago

So far all the previews I have read have given it great praise.

Viewtiful3602d ago

Halo Wars is going to suck most likely. You're forgetting the DECADES of history junky RTSs have on consoles.

christian hour3602d ago

Yeah but they were usually PC rts's ported onto consoles, this is an rts made from the ground up with consoles in mind, and its Ensemble Studios. I don't think Ensemble Studios has ever disappointed me. I don't have my hopes set high for Halo wars, but it definitely is worth playing before you even bother giving it negative feedback.

LastDance3602d ago

Command and conquer Retaliation is bomb Sh**!!!!

caladbolg7773602d ago

But factor in that Ensemble was developing the game KNOWING that they were being sh!tcanned after the project shipped...

... I'd be weary about this title. Let's play the demo and see how that goes. Halo Wars has as much going against it as it does going for it.

christian hour3602d ago

hmmm. Good point calad. It's a shame they shut down ensemble :( When theres so many other companies theyve bought that have had terrible track records. Not Ensemble, theirs i nothing but good. Hopefully this game IS good though, so we can all remember Ensemble for making one last game before going bye bye.

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