Rumor: New update giving Xbox 360's the dreaded RRoD?

Max Console reports: "Furious MaxConsole reader Jay has mailed in to tell us that he believes the latest mandatory update has given his Xbox 360 the dreaded RRoD. He states that this also happened to three of his friends another friend confirmed the same occurrence across the pond in the UK. Anyone else experienced this or are these just coincidences?"

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outlawlife3575d ago

this is reported with every update and is rarely the updates fault

people just jump to conclusion

chaosatom3575d ago

How fast would it get approved I wonder?

StayHigh3575d ago

True the updated just make it more faster for your 360 to crap out..

UnwanteDreamz3575d ago

This sh*t is just flame bait. We all know about the RROD. Updates are not bricking XBox 360s.

Heat is what causes them to fail. How can an update create more heat than running a game? Rowland don't be part of the problem.

thebudgetgamer3575d ago

some software will make the hardware work harder thus creating more heat. but untill someone has actual proof its just a rumor


Ratchet_Co3574d ago

Because of the update? No, the deaths were of natural causes. Natural causes being the 360's die within a year due to sufficating on hot air. Hot air being Microsoft lol.

locos853574d ago

I wouldn't know if it was the update. I haven't turned my 360 on since I saw those Fruity avatars.

TheDude2dot03574d ago

Just in case I'm not playing for a bit. I just passed the deadline for RROD.

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Parapraxis3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Consoles break.
5 people is NOT just cause.
Sorry to say, but I suspect that those consoles would have broken without the update.

As usual, people try to blame the last thing they did, downloading a demo/firmware, playing a game, etc.
RRoD is due to overheating, it's not software related.

This isn't a thing only 360 owners do either, PS3 owners jump to the same silly conclusions when they have hardware issues.

Snow3575d ago

This is fake.360 is perfect.Accept it.

Parapraxis3575d ago

haha, sorry to say but all consoles have issues.
Some more persistent than others, but that's no reason to rip on people who have issues.
I don't think many 360 owners would be un-educated enough to claim the hardware is perfect.

Snow3575d ago

But it is.

360 hardware is the equivalent to god in plastic form.

Parapraxis3575d ago

lol, I knew what you were going for in the 1st post.
Your reply was much funnier though.

"equivalent to god in plastic form."

well played.

BLUR1113575d ago

The famous RROD has nothing to do with software updates.

Stop trolling this site has enough of it.

lokiroo4203575d ago

Your right it is a much larger problem than a simple download/install error.

BLUR1113575d ago

Well you're right what else is this site for

Helghast Slayer3575d ago

Man the 360 is a piece of junk. I've never and will never buy a console with this much problems. It boggles one's mind how anyone could repurchase a console on the 3rd to 4th brake down. It simply bobbles the mind.

Deadman643574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

"1.5 - X360 will be fully dead
when KZ2 is launched"

Just like when Resistance 2 came out...and when LBP came out....and the new FIRMWARE updnate for sony online....and for MGS4.....and for when everyone saw the "comparison" of Ps3 GTA4 vs. 360 GTA4...and when....wait did ps3 even have anything big before gta4?

According to sony fanboys, the final nail in the coffin came almost a year ago...gotta love it lmao!

caffman3574d ago

wasn't that what you predicted with LBP and MGS4?

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Sheikh Yerbouti3574d ago

I usually drop a product if it consistently fails on me. I will never buy a Sony television set, nor Panasonic products (any of them).

I am reluctant to buy another 360, because if it RROD...that's it. I'm through with the Microsoft consoles. I wish more 360 gamers had backbones to keep Microsoft honest, but they just buy another console. I understand the investment in the games, but a 30% failure rate calls for litigation!

Now, Microsoft has made steps with the warranty and Jasper, but RROD is still part of the Xbox Experience, new or otherwise. Nothing has publicly been done to assure my confidence as a consumer!! I have a suspicion that to do so would shine more light on Microsoft's business practices, which would be a PR nightmare.

If you now have an RROD, don't go out and buy an Arcade. Have a backbone, gamers. Send Microsoft a message, and stop bending over for them. For the sake of the 360 and it games if not for principle.

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