Midway Death Watch: Can It Stop Now?

That Gaming Site writes: "2008 by many was seen as a horrible year for Midway, a few franchises sold terribly, a warning stock exchange delisting, even a buyout triggering a debt clause! Despite this, 2009 has generally been good for Midway, despite closing a studio Midway has shown signs of life, evening announcing the success of a few key titles. Despite all this, the gaming media and community alike are still calling the Midway "death watch", why?

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pangitkqb3305d ago

I'm glad this article lists some good things about them and why there is hope for them still. I'm looking forward to years of quality Midway content. CHeers!

Elven63305d ago

Midway is the last "true" American game developer that is still around, they've been here since the days of the arcade, all the other companies have either shut down or are in such a broken state that you can't recognize them!

N4g_null3305d ago

Those guys are done, I've heard nothing from the HD fanboys about the new DCvsMK game. They have a ton of money to pay before a certain date last time I heard about them. Hell I hope I'm wrong I love ed boons hand drawn art.

Elven63305d ago

.....I take it you didn't read the article then?