Mass Effect 2 Confirmed for 2010

BeefJack writes, "The existence of Mass Effect 2 has never been a tightly-kept secret, with Bioware announcing the trilogy before the original had even hit shelves. And with the sequel to be discussed in some capacity at this year's GDC, it came as no surprise when EA announced Mass Effect 2 at its Q3 2009 investor conference call.

EA CEO John Riccitiello confirmed the game is scheduled for release in the fiscal Q4 of 2009. As exciting as it may sound, that particular quarter lies between the January and March of 2010, meaning no Mass Effect 2 until next year..."

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resistance1003603d ago

Dam, was hoping it was this year.

My 360 isn't going to get much love this year =(

Snow3603d ago

But 360 is the best tho.because i say so.

Kratos193603d ago

Same here. Mass Effect, Splinter Cell and Crackdown 2 won't be coming until next year. Still no Alan Wait release date. Right now it's just 2 Halos, not very impressive at all.

resistance1003603d ago


Well i was going to get Resi 5 on 360, however after the demo that is out the window. I don't care for Halo ODST. However Halo Wars looks interesting however if i don't think the controls are up for it tomorrow on the demo thats not going to be a buy.

Really all i may end up buying for my 360 this year at this rate is the X360 versions of Madden and FIFA, just to get some use out of it since i won't get Street Fighter IV and Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection on 360 because i hate the D-PAD

moses3603d ago

oomgmggg, CRACKDOWN 2!!! I really hope that is confirmed soon, the first was such a fun coop game~~

Man_of_the_year3603d ago

Well my 360 will get plenty of gaming love but ME2 would have been icing on the cake. That would have made me very happy for 09.

StayHigh3603d ago

Everyone knows it coming out for the PS3..Even if it didn't everybody is just going to get it on PC..It looks like Sony fans get the last laugh since their be the one who is going to be saying "360 have no games" lol

chaosatom3603d ago

Because of what?

Lack of install base (umm no)
Because of lack of experience (umm EA guys now have a lot of experience)
Microsoft wants it to be exclusive (a valid reason, but would they really Pay A lot for a RPG Shooter)

Why dis3603d ago

MSFT hasn't announced their lineup how do you know that?

The slated 2009 games for the 360 says otherwise at least in most gamers cases.

3603d ago
laaakokaracha3603d ago

why not? what about SO4?

I bought an xbox to make love with only for this game!!!!


hay3603d ago

I hope PS3 gets some Mass Effect 2 love or else I'll have to either buy Xbox or upgrade my PC. I love the first game and there's no way I'll skip the second.

resistance1003603d ago


My PS3 buys for this year

-Killzone 2
-Uncharted 2
-Rock Band 2
-Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection
-Street Fighter IV

360 Buys for this year

-Halo Wars (possibly Depends on demo)

Not Sure what versions to buy yet
-Fifa 10
-Madden 10
-Tiger Woods 10

Even with GT5 and GOW3 (which i didn't expect this year anyway). My 360 won't be getting alot of use which is a shame.

CaseyRyback_CPO3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

The only big thing MS announced at e3(in august?) Was Gears2 & FF13. Lips/You're In The Movies were the megaton hits you were hoping for in 08? And what rock were you hiding under to not know Gears2 was coming out?

Look, we all know MS isn't exactly throwing out the games in 09, but this is a repeat of 2008. Even worse though because 2008 had more games this season than 2009 does. Didn't it come out shootin with NG2 at least? I've been gaming for around 30 years, I've owned most systems. I'm saying that to illustrate that I for one am not biting on this logic that MS doesn't announce their game lineup until the year is half over.

I guess you can feel free to wait until then, which as a gamer makes absolutely no sense, but eh you wouldn't be participating on NEWS FOR GAMERS much without any 360 game news?

I will gladly eat crow the day MS announces some honest to earth good games that the general public is looking forward to. Can't say that Ninja Blade, and 2 more non entire/fps halo titles and even more multiplatform games is what I was expecting from riding Halo3 and Gears2 into the sunset.

Doppy3603d ago

Completely fine with me. We already have too much to look forward to in 09 so moving games to EARLY 2010 is a great idea so everyone isn't competing for sales. I expect GOW 3 to move on to March 2010 as well, and many other games will follow suit. Plus the extra development time could polish the games off a lot more (Killzone 2 is a prime example of extra development time.)

Rock Bottom3603d ago

Good news, 2009 is already full of awesome games, beside if it's gonna take them that long to fix the first game faults, I don't mind waiting.

No Way3603d ago

Microsoft wants it to be exclusive (a valid reason, but would they really Pay A lot for a RPG Shooter)

Did you really ask that question? For as well as Mass Effect 1 did, then I'd say Hell Yes.

I highly doubt that there will be a PS3 Version.
It is a BioWare IP so do they not have any rights over the game?

cayal3602d ago

"Correct me if I am wrong. Aren’t 2 big exclusives (GT5 and GOW3) for Sony being pushed for a 2010 release?

Sony’s exclusive lineup for this year is getting thinner and thinner."

GoW3 was never slated for an 09 release. People were just hoping for it.
GT5 was rumoured Xmas 2009.

interrergator3602d ago

has anybody seen the alan wake gameplay ive been waitin 3 years for this game

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TheColbertinator3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooo!



2009 officially sucks ass

You bought an Xbox3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Steven Colbot Strikes Again

Ha Ha

2009 sucks Because
You Bought an Xbox

Ha Ha

ColBot Loooooser

BLUR1113603d ago

yea HAHA Steven Colbot YOU BOUGHT A XBOX

Shame on you for keeping the PS3 in 3rd place :(

That's why we hate you ain't that right droids...

TheColbertinator3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )


STFU you troll


Your right.I do have a PS3 but I hoped that Mass Effect 2 was coming this year.Mass Effect is the biggest reason of why I bought a 360 and its my favorite game this gen.

And yes this was the game I hyped so much for 2009.If Gran Turismo 5 is announced for 2010 as well,my most expected titles will be out of my reach once again

chaosatom3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Or he said that 2009 sucks for xbox atleast because mass effect is shifted to 2010.

Llort3603d ago

Ah, that sucks that the Xbox 360 has a terrible line up, maybe next year.

Year of the PS3 Confirmed.;)

PeptoBismol3603d ago


STFU you troll"

whoa Colbert, the truth must hurt! lmao

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3603d ago

Today was the 1st time i saw 'Mass Effect'(i looked on YouTube)gameplay, Hmm can't see what all the fuss is about on the internet for this game tho??? It looked ok??? Gameplay looked er erm ok??? Oh well...i'll try the Demo of Mass Effect 2 on my PS3 in 2010!!! ;-D

Helghast Slayer3603d ago

Hahaha 2009 for the 360 officially sucks big time. Even if they release Mass Effect2 in 2010 by then GOW3 and other AAA ps3 titles will rip it apart. Mark my words, from 2009 onwards the ps3 is going to excel while the rest inhales it's dust.

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003603d ago

At least it's coming out in early 2010.

tplarkin73603d ago

The game will slip into late Summer or Winter of 2010.

Foxgod3603d ago

Winter 2010 most likely means q1, and in other reports it didnt say summer, but spring.

So its for q1 ~ q2 2010.

Tony P3603d ago

I was pretty excited there for a sec. Oh well. 2009 still holds a lot of promise.

TIKUP3603d ago

for ps3 that is!!!! :)

StayHigh3603d ago

Its true PS3 owners get Yukuza 3, White Knight Story, Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, God of War 3, Mag, The Agency, Infamous, Uncharted 2, War Devil, Fat Princess,Demon Soul, and hopefully the new Team ICO game!! Everyone knows about it since like what 2 years ago ..They probably goin to show the game at this year E3..

Tony P3603d ago

Please stop trying to associate my comment with your console leanings. 2009 holds promise for gaming in general.

MasterBlaster3603d ago

Lol at the hate. Bubbles for a couple of good comments.

I just hope Dragon Age: Origins makes it out as early as possible this year to keep me busy until ME2 comes out.

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Foxgod3603d ago

too bad, but at least they can make it extra awesome now.