Swiffs Rant - PS3 is better value for money than 360

Discussion Topics:
- 360 Has too many acessories
- 360 Is no where near as valuable as Ps3
- Sony need to fix up the xmb and psn features.
- Ross is not a boss

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HighDefinition3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Where you been?

It can also run games the 360 can`t.

Crazy, huh?

pswi603572d ago

this news (more like common sense) is too real for n4g to handle. we've already had the "journalists" claiming that Sony's price comparison is like a psycho ex-girlfriend.

i'm sure a mod will be here soon to fail approval on this, to protect Xbox fanboys from the truth, so their one emotion won't get hurt.

if you had a ps3 right now, would you be so bitter? then just go get one and submit. it's over, all you 360 kids have been Killzowned. Get off the fail train and onto the win plane.

Maddens Raiders3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

and not to get out of control fanboy here, but I just don't see why anyone would spend their hard earned (or stolen) money on the 360 (or wii, but that's a whole other issue)....the PS3 in so many ways just outshines both.

killzone ii
Built in Accessories
1st party al, et al.............

TheHater3572d ago

Is this the same guy that said he can't swallow?

Omega43572d ago

And yet the 360 continues to outsell it


cayal3572d ago

PS3 = 10 million a year.
360 = 9.3 million a year.

Continue being wrong.

fafoon3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Ross is not a Boss
Oh and Yes the PS3 is Definitely Better value for your Money

jack who3572d ago

- 360 Has too many acessories = um? hdd,headset, battery ,webcam.what am i missing? and the ps3 had all of this too so wtf?

- 360 Is no where near as valuable as Ps3 = um? yeah go to gamestop they will pay you the same for your ps3 and the 360

TheHater3572d ago

Every PS3 comes with and HDD and you a usb cable to recharge the batteries.

You bought an Xbox3572d ago

You Bought an Xbox

Ha Ha

Jack who = Um?

Ha Ha

Um? Um? Um? Um? Um?

rucky3572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

"I'll take Wifi adapter for $99 Alex"

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