Xbox 360 ran homebrew, leak patched (more info)

Remember the report on the anonymous hacker demonstrating an Xbox 360 running homebrew earlier this year? As reported at the time the Chaos Computer Club doesn't just allow any juvenile shouting tech jargon to speak on its hacker conventions. As it turns out, the hacker was indeed onto something very solid, and thanks to his report the security hole was already patched by Microsoft.

A new report found its way onto the BugTraq mailing list today, detailing the exploit and how and when it got patched. Since the report is full of techie gibberish, has tried to explain in layman's terms how the hack works.

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TheMART4306d ago

Now it's in understandabe language for everybody to read.

Let's hope they can get around the patching stuff somehow. This would be great... All emulators to run, heck imagine they made a Wii emulator, run it, have a BlueTooth driver, connect the Wiimote...

That's a Wii60 there!!

fjtorres4306d ago (Edited 4306d ago )

Which explains *why* MS has been allowed to provide HD video downloads by the Studios: The Box has a lot of layers of built-in security before you even get to the DRM-ed content itself. Keeping the 360 secure is key to getting more media content onto it so I'm thinking MS will do whatever it takes to keep the black hats away. Ultimately, that CPU-specific Key combined with Live means MS has the upper hand and is likely to keep it indefinitely.

Frankly, anybody wanting a high-powered box to play with would be better advised getting a cheap PC (Good laptops run $450 these days) and not waste time trying to crack a system that isn't designed for multipurpose code (no out-of-order-execution, remember?) or, if they *must* have a cracked one, get a PS3 and run Linux. They *welcome* hackers and crackers over there. Need every customer they can get, after all. >;-)

calderra4306d ago

The "hack" they came up with involved using XNA express, which allows you to code programs for the 360, to run unsigned code, and therefore code programs for the 360.

As said elsewhere- they might as well distribute a can opener in a can. If you have the tools to do all of this, you could just run XNA studio and develop real 360 software anyway.