Four major things that need to happen if Blu-ray is going to survive

James Mielke's, a 1UP Editor, writes:

"OK, so this is not a PS3 slam blog (calm yourselves), but the fact is that I use my PS3 to watch movies around 95% of the time, with the other 5% spent playing games, like the recent release, GTI Club+ Rally Cote D'Azur and other downloadable games. Which brings me to my next point: If Blu-ray is going to stick around nearly as long as DVDs have, and if this is format is going to entrench itself firmly enough to not get blown out of the water by downloadable and streaming hi-def movies and content, then the Blu-ray Disc Association is going have to start enforcing some serious quality control standards.

When I was at Costco this weekend, I noticed that they had a shitload of seriously low-priced Blu-ray discs ($18.99 range or so), so I went on a little binge. But as I began to watch subpar transfer after subpar transfer, it started to dawn on me that it's a little too early to be seeing shitty, low-budget Blu-rays, before the format has really taken off. Seriously, if Sony --who has finally found themselves on the winning end of a format war-- doesn't step up and make some noise about this, it could be a dark day for the Blu-ray format. Here I will address some problems I have found in the quality of many movies thus far."

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Fowack3575d ago

How many does this make?

40cal3575d ago

I have felt that way once or twice myself. The movies specs are on the back of the box though, or you can find them at any HD website.

The movies that Hollywood dose not get Right? I buy movies so of course I have netflix.

I do agree with James though, 7.1 audio being standard would be a nice start.

LightningPS3PS33575d ago

Not because this article, but he's just generally bias. Fanboys are ruining game journalism.

Dan Shu already drove EGM to the ground because of his XBOX fanboyism. It's been a tough generation.

Andras843575d ago

That's all I have to say.

What an idiot!!

Darkseider3575d ago

Just so happens that "IF" contains two of the letters in "FAIL" which is what this bullsh1t article is full pf.

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