Why Dead Space on the Wii is a Bad Idea

Everyone Slashfilm talked to thoroughly enjoyed Dead Space. Sure, the game had its quirks, but overall it was scary as sh*t to play. Not only that, it was great to see EA take risks once again and try to create original content.

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PS360WII3575d ago

blah blah blee bloo blah.

Maxned3575d ago

Thats really annoying that they say "yes thats right, the system that your mom and grandma own has deadspace coming to it"

Shut up. That is so annoying. Why dont they say "yes thats right, the site that no one gives a SHI* about is making up controversial articles to get attention."

ChickeyCantor3575d ago

Lol, so basically the bad image could be gone, and more people might be interested in the console. This guy just wants it to be as it is right now.

Some gamers are insecure, insecure because they think they will loose their HD gfx in the future.


GVON3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

well I know how they should do it,and keep a graphics quality looking as good as the Ps3/360 versions.

Pre render it,just like resident evil used to do,seeing as to many the wii is "just a gamecube" then they will love how good this game could example is the resident evil 1 remake,I played it before Christmas and it still looks hot

so they could update the character models use pre rendering techniques,mix resident evil 4 (wii) controls and dead space,and they could be onto a winner

LightningPS3PS33575d ago

It's just... who gives a sh*t. It's just the Wii.

ChickeyCantor3575d ago

you have changed since you lost bubbles.


cactuschef3575d ago

No one gives a sh1t about the wii, thats why its number one in sales right?

Product3575d ago

its not a bad idea,this guy needs to move on.

penguinhunter3575d ago

How could anything think its NOT going to be a downgrade

FantasyStar3575d ago

graphically downgraded?

or gameplay-wise downgraded?

hfaze3575d ago

Dead Space could potentially work out on the Wii... Kinda like Resident Evil 4. I thought that the Wii version of RE4 was the best by far...

Although I STILL wish that Nintendo had packed more power into the Wii. I would have loved to have seen a version of Dead Space using the Wii controls, but with PS3/360 caliber graphics...

This could be interesting, and I'm tempted to rent it when it comes out just to check it out.

penguinhunter3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

The difference, RE 4 came out last generation!

Sharpshell3575d ago

that sorta my thought on the subject....
I remember playing DS and thinking 'this would be awesome with the wiimote and nunchuck!

The graphics wont be as great but if they were even as good as re4 who cares?

However I sincerely hope they dont just port it over, but rather build it fro mthe ground up with different (smaller) enviorments. 1.2 makes a good point about re4 being "last gen" whci hcertainly made porting it alot easier as opposed to say Dead Rising

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The story is too old to be commented.