New Demon´s Souls screenshots

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan published another batch of new Demon´s Souls screenshots. Check them out.

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Hooded Vendetta3604d ago

Amazing screenshots. Looking forward to see how this plays out, if the graphics are this quality and the framerate holds up... It will be amazing. I think i'll enjoy this :D

T-Baggins3603d ago

I agree, I am very interested in this game, I just hope they release it in the US.

Araceae3603d ago

Screw waiting for the US version. I'm importing the Asian/Chinese version since it is in English. I get the feeling they might not bring it over, or if they do it will take awhile.

AshleyRiot3603d ago

Been watching someone play this on justintv. It looks extremely hardcore. The guy has died so many times to even weak enemies. Looks to be right up my alley though awesome loot whoring,stat building,weapon forging,exploration etc. It's definitely not your run of the mill hack and slash RPG. Go into it playing that way and you will get served by anything even a mob you can 1 shot. Not sure how the online part works but it looked like you can invade someones game and fight them as a soul(don't quote me on that but that's what it looked like). Also looks like you can leave behind hints for others because it's that hard. Anyways loved what I saw and gonna be importing.

Graphics Whore3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

Itching to play this and White Knight Chronicles pretty bad. Add SO4 to that list as well.

Impressive screenshot.