Games time forgot: Comix Zone

Destructoid writes:

"Welcome once again to Games Time Forgot, wherein I attempt to highlight a game too old or obscure to remember, but fail, and am subsequently mocked for it.

I never got to play Comix Zone as a child. Being a Nintendo fanboy, I refused to even touch a Genesis, no matter how potentially interesting its games may have been. Now free of my fanboyism and able to look back at the system's library with a relatively unbiased viewpoint, I see what I was missing.

Comix Zone is a ridiculously challenging, incredibly clever beatemup that everyone should play at some point in their life. It's way too hard and really damn short, which makes it essentially perfect for those of us who didn't get to play it when it was originally released: it's challenging and inventive enough to work a lot of cool stuff into its few levels, and short enough that you'll actually be able to finish it.

If you can forgive the fact that the hero (pictured above) is the most ridiculously 90's protagonist ever, there's a hell of a lot to love about Comix Zone."

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Magna Farta3600d ago

Hell yeah, this game was awesome. Mainly because it mixed two of my favorite things at the time, Streets of Rage and Comic Books.

This was always a great game. Frustrating as hell at times, but an all-around great button masher. It also had a fairly complicated moveset for it's time. If you messed around with the D-pad enough while hitting the B button, there were times you'd pull off sh!t you hadn't seen in the last few hours you played it.

I think I might dust this one off for a decent afternoon.