Microsoft's worst nightmare: Windows 7 deemed less secure than Vista

While Microsoft officials won't say it (at least not publicly), one of Windows 7's main selling points is likely to be that it's the "anti-Vista." It will be faster, smaller, more reliable and… less secure?

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MaximusPrime3333d ago

oh Microsoft... what have you done now?

As i said before i'd wait 4 months before trying out Window 7, now just as i predicted, not safe.

outlawlife3333d ago

anybody who installs a beta operating system is inviting trouble

unless you are doing so in a manner where problems won't matter like an old pc or a blank drive, but these kids who install over their regular installations to be cool are inviting a a giant mess

danarc3333d ago


Or installed on a blank partition...

I've got a parition for Vista and W7, and W7 has been working faster than Vista (although that's partly as it's a clean installation, Vista is slowing down now with the stuff I've got on it), so unless W7 craps out on me, its Windows 7 until August. :P

sevchenko3333d ago

I think so

windows 7 is even a bigger failure than Vista

drewdrakes3333d ago

Its because of you tards that demanded less UAC.

The operating system is too insecure...then its too bothersome...make up your mind. you sound like pricks.

I predict im not an idiot and have never had a virus because im not stupid.

itagaki3333d ago

My point exactly. Make up your mind, do you want UAC or not?

However, I see MS point here:

"In order for malicious code to have gotten on to the box, something else has already been breached (or the user has explicitly consented)”

Am I missing something? It's pretty clear that the best security is to educate the user!

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Godmars2903333d ago

Has MS ever had a first run success?

Tykis3333d ago

I should feel sorry for M$... But I dont lol

Gondee3333d ago

yeah, its a beta. what do you guys expect

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The story is too old to be commented.