New iMacs Ready to Hit the Shelves?

According to Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu, consumers should expect new iMacs to ship in a few weeks now. Wu says that reports of Apple cutting back on its current stock of iMacs is a sure sign that the company is getting rid of old stock to make room for new models. New products are usually announced weeks after Apples slows down shipments of current models.

Wu goes on to say that his sources have told him that Apple will be using both a dual and a quad-core processors, instead of the latest rumors suggesting the iMac will only offer one or the other. The quad-cores are expected to be found exclusivly in high-end iMacs, while the low to mid-range iMacs are expected to contain the dual-cores.

A Mac Pro update is also expected in the near future with similar system splits into eight and sixteen-core models. The sixteen-core is expected to use two of Intel's Nehalem CPUs. A lot of the system splitting is thought that have to do with Apple's less than amazing desktop sales. Last quarter Apple found itself with only 25% of its sales made by iMacs, and even less by Mac Pros. The highest percentage of sales for desktops have been seen immediately after Apple updates a model and puts it on the sales floor. No surprise there.

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Zip3599d ago

awsome, I brougth my imac less then a year ago, are they telling me its outdated now? :(

yoghurt3599d ago

me to ZIP! I love my imac, after being a PC user for 12 years, I'll never go back to PC now.

I'm sure the updates wont be that significant o make out imacs look old though mate

LeonSKennedy4Life3599d ago

I'm gonna buy one!

It's like buying a really nice PC...except not as nice...and you're paying two-thousand dollars more.


Half-Mafia3599d ago

looks like ill be doing the switch soon, been wait for new iMacs to come.