Breaking: House approves new DTV delay bill

Ben Patterson from Yahoo Tech writes: "Despite heavy opposition from Republican lawmakers, House Democrats finally passed a revised bill that would delay the impending DTV transition until June 12. All the bill needs now is a signature from President Obama, who's sure to sign it.

So barring a sudden change of heart on Obama's part (not likely), it looks like the country will indeed-like it or not-get an extra four months to prepare for the DTV transition, which was originally scheduled for Feb. 17."

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UltimateIdiot9113575d ago

Damn it, WTH!?!?!

This is why I rather cheat my taxes than be honest about it because of reasons like these.

This is not progress. This is backward thinking.

Sibs3575d ago

We were SO CLOSE! We only had TWO WEEKS LEFT!