Killzone 2 is even popular in Japan

Japan is the equivalent of a no man's land when it comes to first person shooters. Even quality shooters like Bioshock or Call of Duty 4 have failed to sell anymore than 50,000 copies in the region. Which makes it even more surprising that Killzone 2 has reached a top 10 spot on Amazon Japan's video game best seller list.

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gauntletpython3451d ago

What more can I say? Good games move units. A good game will appeal universally to multiple audiences, and Killzone 2 is a good game.

cayal3451d ago

"What more can I say?"

Probably something that makes sense considering Bioshock and Call of Duty 4 are also good games that didn't sell in Japan.

Lifendz3451d ago

didn't have the graphical prowess of KZ2. No knock against them; but they didn't. KZ2 is a game you look at and want to own. It's that pretty.

Blink_443451d ago


Oh my god nice avatar. I loved that episode.

Obama3451d ago

Wrong. Good games don't always sell. (IE: SOC, VC) But it's nice to know that killzone2 is popular in Japan :)

Danja3451d ago

even the japanese can't resist teh awesome grafix .....

nah but this game deserves to sell well in every territory jib well done GG..

Chubear3451d ago

What is never told to the community by NA gaming sites is that R:fom actually out sold halo3 by over 50,000 copies in JPN. JPN are tasting FPSs a lot more nowadays and I'm feeling Killzone II will surpass R:fom numbers in JPN. Don't know how RII fared though... yet.

RememberThe3573451d ago

I wonder if it's the Jin-Roh connection?

LeonSKennedy4Life3451d ago

I thought that was one of the worst episodes in recent memory.

Last week's episode was great! This week's...not so much. I thought it was just terrible.

Maddens Raiders3451d ago

RememberThe357 - 53 minutes ago
1.8 -
I wonder if it's the Jin-Roh connection?
============================= =================

that's exactly what I was thinking coupled with graphics in a shooter that have never been seen before = must buy everywhere; even good 'ol Japan.

cayal3451d ago

"didn't have the graphical prowess of KZ2. No knock against them; but they didn't. KZ2 is a game you look at and want to own. It's that pretty."

Considering how handhelds dominate in Japan, I doubt they are that impressed by graphics.

MasFlowKiller3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

"Just last Saturday, Killzone 2 was announced for the Land of the Rising Sun, due out in April. Though the title isn't the best selling PS3 game, a spot held by Yakuza 3, Killzone 2 is sitting pretty at the number 8 spot. This is just shy of Resident Evil 5, and is even ahead of the highly anticipated 360 exclusive, Star Ocean 4."

I dont know wat to make of this quote, this is the biggest WFT Moment this Year, a FPS is ahead of one of the most popular JRPS in japan.

very incredible, i would have expected RE5 to be in the top 3, i guess japan didnt like the demo ether

cayal3451d ago

I dont know wat to make of this quote, this is the biggest WFT Moment this Year, a FPS is ahead of one of the most popular JRPS in japan."

Don't forget there are a hell of a lot more PS3s in Japan than 360s.

evrfighter3451d ago

as annoying as the kz2 circlejerk fests are these days. I'm glad to see a shooter in general not looked down upon by the japanese.

MasFlowKiller3451d ago

yeah but i was expecting a tittle that is about to be release Star Ocean 4 to be ahead of a tittle that was just announce for a April release.

gambare3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

Actually... the argument that maybe the japanese gamers could relate KZ2 with Jin Roh is pretty strong, the resemblance of the Jin Roh squads with the Helgast could make attractive the game for the idea to play with the Kerberos for the Japanese players

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ape0073451d ago

this game is going to own all





I can see this game selling millions after millions

infamousinfolite3451d ago

yes yooooouuuuu caaaannnn't resssssiiiissssst....

...the awesomeness that is.... KILLZOOOOONE 2.

M-Easy3451d ago

You just got killzOWNed. okay now I'm even tired of saying that.

On 2nd thought no I'm not.

Sarcasm3451d ago

You Killzowned yourself with that comment lol

OGharryjoysticks3451d ago

Of course Japan wants to play Jin-Roh :P

Liquid Snake3451d ago

my thoughts exactly.

I was gonna post a similar comment.

PlayStation3603451d ago

DUDE! I thought I was the only one who saw that movie and saw the resemblance. Those friggin dudes are the spitting image of Helghast soldiers. First time I saw Jin Roh, I was like "Oh Sh!t... Helghasts!!! This is awesome! :P


Obama3451d ago

The ending is sad. It's a great anime though.

Tetsuryu3451d ago (Edited 3451d ago )

I was just thinking that as well. Mamoru Oshii, the critically acclaimed director of both the first and second Ghost in the Shell movies is a big name over there. I wouldn't be surprised if Killzone 2 was mistakenly associated as an adaptation of his Kerberos franchise.

You can find his related works here:

ShinGundam3451d ago

Of course Japanese will love Killzone
BTW trailer for very old live action

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ape0073451d ago

guys,I really can't wait

help me

Jager3451d ago

Cant wait? Alright, grab some rifles, we're heading to GG HQ, gonna grab a Killzone 2 from them!!!!

ape0073451d ago

worst yet,I live in ksa,it's too far away."bring a gun,points at head"

bubbles for the laugh :)