240° preview Super Rub a Dub

Monkey Ball meets Lemmings, in a tub of water.

It's funny how a single game can validate a whole controller. Or at least get pretty close.

The gameplay is simple. Everything happens on a single screen. You see a tub filled with water and plenty of ducklings lounging about. The player has to pick up the ducklings by hitting them with his duck and steering them towards the drain. While the tub is always shaped like a rectangle, it can have different layouts inside and lack walls in certain places (resulting in the duck falling off, if you are not careful).

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Torch4311d ago

"Rubber duckie, you're my friend..."

Ernie, Sesame Street
Circa mid-1980's

techie4311d ago

Ha. Good one. Hmm...what's that game for the psp...that popular one where you role round a blob? Tis a bit like that...and that game would work perfectly with the sixaxis as well.

Torch4311d ago

The monster you speak of, deepbrown, is Loco Roco.

Wife gave it to me for much much happiness & joy. You try to put it it.

But you can't.

Had to keep playing at all costs, until finished...

The music...oh God, the music!...Shhh...what's that???...Can...can you hear it???

Drat you, deepbrown, scarcely more than a week of completing the therapy and shock treatments, and the disturbing nightmares of the squishy bouncing balls begin anew!

...Avoid that curse of a game at all cost, while you still can!!!!!

Siesser4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

Sounds like what I'm going through now. Just bought LUMINES Plus for PS2 yesterday, and I can't get the music out of my head. It's like acoustical crack.

Torch4311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

is supposed to a great, highly addictive little puzzle game.

Is Lumines Plus the same as those released for the PSP? (I recall X-Play's review citing that Lumines 2 for PSP is nothing more that the first Lumines, but with music videos playing in the background.)

Sounds great. Maybe I'll pick up a copy!!!

...uh, on second thought, maybe not. ;-)

fenderputty4311d ago

It seams like a good example of a game using the controls. Not something that I want to play ALL the time. It doesn't look to captivating but, it could be fun. They're cheap too why not.

Siesser4311d ago

Loco Roco, I believe. You'd have to think they're bringing it over eventually.

techie4311d ago

That's the one. Yeah...and as long as they don't make it 3d...

DJ4311d ago

if they bring it over to the PSP's big bro. Not sure if they should make the graphics more realistic though...

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