New Half-Life 2 Mod

This mod by InterWave Studios promises to bring all the best from the Stargate Movie and TV-Shows into the gaming world. The mod will have Multiplayer gameplay focusing on ground combat.

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Jackel20723301d ago

Half Life 2 the game the just keeps on giving, and giving, and giving, and giving! can i get a AMEN?!

ThanatosDMC3301d ago

I cant wait for Natural Selection 2!

Spydiggity3301d ago (Edited 3301d ago )

when are they finally going to release the goldeneye mod???

edit: i guess i should look this stuff up before i comment. it turns out they seem to be ready to release a close to final build of the game. it's gonna be great.


TheIneffableBob3301d ago

I'm looking forward to NS2 as well, but they're not using the Source engine. The developers decided to develop their own engine for more flexibility.

ThanatosDMC3300d ago

Yeah, i'll buy NS2 if they sell it. I dont mind. Gameplay is great on NS and so is the community. It sucks though if the commander screws around too much or the soldiers themselves and gets massacred within 10 minutes of the round. But it sure is funny!

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Are_The_MaDNess3301d ago

i love SG lol
DLing right away

EnglishPatriot3301d ago

The only mod I want is Black Mesa Source.

davekelly3301d ago

Late 09 they say, cant wait for it. it is lookin great

Kyle12123301d ago

thats pretty gay. and wouldnt work at all.

LeGenDx3301d ago

its a pretty cool idea. like if you ever played a warcraft server mod. basically you kill stuff get skills etc etc. but i think they never finished the ff7 mod