The whole Killzone story, spoiler free

The press is exciting about the latest Killzone game, Killzone 2. Some of the gamers haven't played part one or Liberation. This article from PSFocus is a great summary of the whole Killzone story, without any spoilers.

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Blackcanary3601d ago

for this need to read up on the story.

Rehabinum3601d ago

Insight into the world of Killzone is a great thing.

redsquad3601d ago

I played (and still play) KILLZONE but missed out on LIBERATION. As such, this would have been a useful article for me. Unfortunately, the text that the translator-contrivance-thingy put out made my head ache so I gave up reading.

I'm sure I'll catch up when I play KZ2.

ExcelKnight3601d ago

Kinda hard, seeing as how Liberation is the explanation for the entire setting of this game.

Syphled3601d ago

Killzone was an game with a good story, Killzone Liberation a game with a story, but is was a little bit less when it's come to comparin with the original game. Killzone 2, i've completed is a few weeks ago gives more information but it's closing down the story of the original game and is an opening to Killzone Liberation 2 or Killzone 3.