Sony: 20GB PS3 Not Dead Yet

Anecdotal evidence from US brick-and-mortar retail outlets suggests that the 20GB version of the PlayStation 3 is heading for extinction, but Sony tells Next-Gen that's not the case-at least for the time being.

The $499 20GB PS3 models have been relatively hard come by at retailers as of late, while $599 60GB PS3s are easier to find.

"The type of model found in stores is completely up to what the retailer orders, so if they don't see a big demand for a particular SKU, they simply don't order it from us," explained Sony Computer Entertainment America PR head David Karraker. "We continue to manufacture both."

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Covenant4306d ago

Well, here's some anecdotal evidence: My BB store has not received a single 20GB unit from Sony in more than 2 months. Two of my friends, who work at Circuit City and Gamestop respectively, say much the same. Our store system lists the 20GB model as "discontinued." Something's going on here, and Sony needs to either ship them to store or simply do away with the model.

CyberSentinel4306d ago

Good luck getting the truth out of Sony.

"Jump In" Lemmings.

Covenant4306d ago

MS probably needs to dump the Core edition, too.

HokieFan4306d ago hard drive and no headset? Seems pretty pointless to me. At least with the 20 GB PS3 you can still use it as a "cheap" Blu-ray player.

TheExodus4306d ago

20 GB model was actually selling & Sony couldn't have that.