EA has sad face due to the holidays

EA + New Franchises - Sales = Closures & Layoffs

The Start Screen writes:

"The Start Screen likes John Riccitiello and admire his practices and decisions, to take charge of a company and actually try to administer some freshness with new I.P.'s. Besides the nine millionth NFS: Bottomed Out Edition, slightly taste of some… dare I say it, originality? The sad part behind this story is it didn't seem like most of us wanted any of it. This is clearly a shame when considering CEOs like Bobby Kotick of Activision. He did pull Activision out of the trenches starting as far back as 1991, but I'm rambling. Let us get to the case at hand."

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TheColbertinator3601d ago

That sucks.EA had a good year with new IPs

Rockstar3601d ago

Go out and buy these games people.
Especially Dead Space, you will not be disappointed.