Red Alert 3 Ultimate Edition to launch with free DLC

How much more Ultimate can EA's upcoming PS3 version of Red Alert 3 get? Although the Blu-ray disc will be bursting with extras, EA is planning on offering even more through DLC. Multiple map packs will be released through the PlayStation Store. But guess what? The first map pack will be absolutely free and will be available "right about the time the game comes out in March."

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morganfell3602d ago

Indeed. Now let's see if they think about throwing in the m/kb support.

eagle213602d ago

For that, I thank them.

Kamikaze1353602d ago

I already know I'm getting this on release date. Can't wait!

morganfell3602d ago

I went down and paid this in full the day hit Gamestop's list. I don't mind waiting when something receives a grand treatment like this.