Game Informer: Lord of the Rings: Conquest Review

Outside of clips stolen from the motion picture, you won't find any kind of story here, either. Pandemic worked wonders with Star Wars, but couldn't grasp the One Ring. Conquest is a joyless trip through familiar territories, and sadly, nothing more than that.

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Nevers3600d ago

Only to play as Sauron's army to win the War of the Ring. Still want to do that to get the "definitive" alternative storyline. But these reviews aren't making that task sound very fun at all.

Memoman3600d ago

Really. You can rented and make up your own mind about it. But I would also join the choir and strongly preach against it.

I installed it and had it on my computer for about a week. Although I played it considerably less than that.

The biggest turn off was no split screen on one computer, I was hoping for Return of The King kind of action alongside my brother. No chance of it on PC.

Even without the split screen the gameplay is bad. The action is dull and you never fall into the ambiance, as you are struggling with bad control schemes and broken game mechanics.

So in short. It sucks balls.

Nevers3600d ago

Thanks for the heads up... its not the worst game, but it certainly seems like a brighter last gen game to me. Seems like the assassin class is broken... why be anything else ?

Maybe I'll just read a walk thru to get the alternative story LMAO/weep