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Sam Bishop writes:
Here's the bottom line, though: whatever complaining I may do about the game's controls, they can be fixed -- and hopefully quite easily -- with a patch that needs to come (but probably won't). The stuff that can't be fixed; the flow and the pacing and the story and the graphics and the sound and literally every other positive thing I mentioned in this review is pretty much set in stone. And, wouldn't you know it, that stone is rock-solid. No, it's not a new stone, but it's a reliable, expertly realized, perfectly executed stone. A stone that--you know what? Forget the analogies, here's the straight poop: this game is awesome. If you own a PS3, you need to own this game. Period.

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Sasanova3600d ago

controls arent even that bad, fuk is this dude talkin about? if you were good in cod4, there is no way in hell you can suck in kz2. there 6 different control settings and a particular one is 1-2 buttons away from perfectly copying cod4 layout...i can tell this reviewer is one of those halo a sense that his a noob at games and only plays something thats pickup and go...which is halo...

kz2 has been said repeatedly to be noob proof, and this reviewer is the perfect example of how.

UnwanteDreamz3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

A 5 on controls seems harsh but he is entitled to his opinion. I'm just glad he stopped talking about stones. I think it says alot that this guy hated the controls with a passion and still scored it a 9/10.

Mystery3600d ago

Sam Bishop has been reviewing Playstation brand games for years. He does guest reviews on sites like IGN, so I think his opinion weighs a little more heavily than yours. And with a site named, I think it's safe to say that he's not anywhere close to being a Halo player. Sure, he gave the review a 9, and that's because he feels the game is not without its faults. KZ2 is my most anticipated game of this year, and has been since 2006. Yes, I played the beta, and yes -- the game controls like trying to turn around a yacht in a bathtub. That doesn't mean that it can't be fixed, or that anything at all is wrong with the gameplay. It just moves a bit slower than most shooters. Chill out and realize that a review is little more than a dedicated gamer's opinion of a game, and that shouldn't ruin yours or anyone else's gaming experience.

killzone2flop3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

If i was a ps3 owner i would wait a couple of months to purchase Killzone 2 for the Patches which are required for Killzone 2 as i have heard theirs slow downs and texture pop ups which happen frequently. Also the controls are really bad.

UnwanteDreamz3600d ago

You must not have a LIFE.

You name yourself KZ2flop then you troll every KZ2 article. This game must mean alot to you. LOL at least you are smart enough to keep your spam in the open zone.

solidjun53600d ago

he has been banned to this zone. he's not smart at all. He has tons of accounts. pp, capital G, Imbackpp and various others. You're right...he doesn't have a life.

Aclay3600d ago

"If i was a ps3 owner i would wait a couple of months to purchase Killzone 2 for the Patches which are required for Killzone 2 as i have heard theirs slow downs and texture pop ups which happen frequently. Also the controls are really bad."

The Controls for Killzone 2 are a matter of OPINION, not fact.

And I agree with UnwanteDreamz, because if you actually created an account just to Troll Killzone 2 articles, you must really care about it. And "If" you were a PS3 owner, you would be buying KZ2 day one just like almost everyone else on this site that has a PS3, you wouldn't be waiting.

Just shut up and admit that Killzone 2 looks like an awesome game and you want it. It's not that hard to admit.

Gobuz3600d ago

Your mouth spews horse sh*t again, find somewhere quite and die will you.

infamousinfolite3600d ago

All I can say is "he's one in a million". Anyway ~notices human2flop's bubbles are being drained lol~ killzone 2 has to be the greatest game since MGS4. Can't wait only 23 days left.

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Wife Of The Bad Guy3600d ago

Sam Bishop has an opinion regarding Killzone 2s controls,is he allowed to have an honest opinion or should we throw him into the same boiling pot Resident Evil 5 gamers with an opinion are in?

UnwanteDreamz3600d ago

Bubbles for the AV but you ruined it lady. I just knew they would come and comment on the poor controls at which point we were gonna burn em with RE5.

Here is to hoping they don't read well.

SeanScythe3600d ago

The controls are not that bad it's easy to get used to at least you can run a shoot. It took me awhile to get used to them but after a few house it was second nature.

killzone2flop3600d ago

I'm not trying to say anything bad all i'm saying is hold on until they sort the game out with patches. Someone has to warn you lot before you go on the forums and start complaining.

UnwanteDreamz3600d ago

Whatever fLOP I'll leave ya to your trolling.

Aclay3600d ago


Please shut up dude. You haven't heard anything about KZ2 having "Texture Pop-ups" or "Slow-downs", that's just bull you pulled out of your hat just to Troll Killzone 2 articles.

Pennywise3600d ago

Says the guy with the banjo avatar. You have to be the lamest MS leg humper on this site. Everyone sees what a great game this is and you continue to troll. You and your 10 accounts needs to piss off.

Mr_Zkaar3600d ago

stfu and get out, you stupid little kid.

stagga3600d ago

Killzone2Flop can you just explain why this game bothers you so much? I mean I have trouble understanding how someone becomes so obsessed with a game, a form of entertainment to the point where they have to spend all their waking hours posting anti Killzone comments on every article. Really if it's as bad as you say then you have nothing to worry about which proves that you worry because you think it's great! My question is that why would you be worried about a game anyway because unless Microsoft are paying you to do this then you really don't stand to get anything out of it. You just make yourself look incredibly sad and a little bit lonely!

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