Game Informer: Afterwords: Far Cry 2 Interview

Ubisoft's bold follow-up to its surprise 2004 hit was nothing if not controversial. Taking the reins from Crytek, new developer Ubisoft Montreal chose to abandon the story and tropic setting of the original in favor or a more ominous locale - a fictional African nation teetering on the brink of anarchy. The bold new direction earned both critical praise and detractors.

Some critics loved the open world action and politically charged story, while others felt major design gaffes kept the game from realizing its potential. Ubisoft Montreal's Clint Hocking took time out of his schedule to address these reader-generated questions.

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Socomer 19793600d ago

at first I was put off by the controls. The looking anolog stick moves normally from down to up but when looking side to side its spins way to fast. I tried different settings & nothing fixes it. Then there's the a.I.
You might be able to sneak up on 1 guy but that almost always alerts the entire guard post. And sometimes, if you alert the post the enemies look for you but If they don't find you they pretend nothing happened. So its like, they are pretty dumb & you're way too smart to be stopped by them at all.

Forget about shooting the armorless bodies. You are just wasting ammo because it takes a few shots to drop them. Only go for headshots. If you're into role playing, then pretend the respawning enemies are just reinforcements & they heard about you. Farcry 2 is a okay game & if you are like me & had a fallout 3 glitch from meeting you're dad & escorting the scientist to project purity thus ruining hours from your last save file then try farcry 2 for a while. You might like it. Its a bit rainbow sixish minus the great controls.

somekindofmike3600d ago

I have to disagree, I gave Far Cry 2 more than enough of a chance and it was just a poor game in my opinion, It never felt 'fun' to play, more of a chore.

Far Cry 1 was a master piece and crytec must look at what ubisoft have done with there franchise and laugh!

Ubi had all the right ambitions and ideas, but the never added the fun factor. it suffers from bad direction and lack of focus I feel.