Home: Scheduled downtime and patch 1.10 release writes: Home Community Manager TedTheDog has advised that Tomorrow morning Home will be offline from 8am UK in order to prepared for the latest patch (v1.10), which will be available for download once Home returns online.

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wotta3601d ago

be down for maintenance every Thursday now.

Timberland2K93601d ago

they are gonna fully implement a party system

DERKADER3601d ago

That and cross game chat. That's all I ever wanted from my PS3. Thats why I like XBL over PSN.

caffman3601d ago

I haven't been on home in over a month

Kyur4ThePain3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

You care enough to go to all the trouble of reading the article AND commenting on it?

Sibs3601d ago

It's N4G, we don't read the articles, we just assume we know what is said from the title.

caffman3601d ago

because I'm bored at work!

vicheous3601d ago

I use it now and then, but not as much as earlier!
I think it will pick up after some time!
There is still to little stuff to do! Although I've been on a shopping spree in the mall and bought everything there!

Theoneneo813601d ago

once open mics come back I'm there cynd from the us boards said they should be coming back soon.

Drano3601d ago

Who gives a damn?

Home is cute and all, but it's bland, it's pretty much useless plus they make you pay for bland furniture (woah, a black sofa instead of a white one), for a bigger not-so-useful personal space (woah, I'll be able to place both my white and black sofas).

This would have been cool a year and a half ago... no, this would have been cool (I mean, developped at this state) at lauch then they could've added neat stuff but I think it's too late for Home to prove its worth, interactivity is (in my opinion) limited to dancing, sitting, playing bowling or pool for ten or fifteen minutes before getting bored... Home looks to me like PS3's "inner Wii".

Sony's made a lot of improvement on their console since lauch, unfortunatly (well, always in my opinion) Home is not part of those achievements.

Hope they'll have it pimped enough in time for PS4, the idea is great but it's just not useful or fun enough to get you to use it everyday (a little bit like Life With Playstation, or at least if I'm not the only one not using it...?).

That's the impression I have of Home. Swing and a-miss.

Jump Beyond.

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The story is too old to be commented.