Killzone 2 will lead us to freedom!

Crunchgear: Let's put on our literature analysis hats for this one. Here we have the traditional three-panel Penny-Arcade comic. The allusion to the Exodus should be obvious to most everyone, only the principal characters-Moses and the everyman (slave)-represent something else entirely.

Panel one: The everyman (slave) is burdened with dragging the PS3 under the hot sun. Presumably, this refers to the fact that, on any message board, the PS3 fanboys have the unenviable task of defending the PS3 from the mean-spirited Xbox 360 fanboys. "It's a great system, really! You're just a bunch of Xbots!" They're dragging the PS3, aimlessly, until the day they die.

Panel two: Now this is where it gets interesting! Here we have the role of Moses played by, um, someone from Killzone 2, the upcoming game that many on the PS3 side of the fence hope Will Be Great. Moses, strong and wise, looks out over his people (PS3 fans/slaves). He has come to save us!

Panel three: Is that the Red Sea, entirely comprised of RROD'd Xbox 360s? It sure looks like it. Part, blasted broken Sea, so I can lead my people to freedom.

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Sasanova3600d ago tell you the truth, first panel to me was more like a chariot of black stallions which are PS3s, leading forward with the titles such as LBP, MGS4, Uncharted, VC, R2, MS:PR, and many many more...i outran Zeus

sonarus3600d ago

You have very vivid imagination to translate someone dragging a heavy PS3 into black chariots leading a charge. Are you sure your fanboy glasses aren't on?

yamamoto1143600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

And this is why we typically don't call on stupid people to analyze symbolic imagery for us.

LightningPS3PS33600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

What? I don't get this.

PirateThom3600d ago

Ah, even the Penny Arcade fanboys have been Killzowned.

happyface3600d ago


you dont even realize they are making fun of sony fans here?


the whole comic is making fun of sony fans thinking killzone will lead them to the promised land

look up the word "satire" in the dictionary (and the middle picture should have clued you in)

ExcelKnight3600d ago

If you even took the time to read Tycho's news post for this comic, you'd see these guys are dead serious about what this comic represents. They played the MP beta in the past and loved it, so I don't see why you think they're still trying to make fun of KZ2.

Montrealien3600d ago

They are not make fun of Killzone, any half brained gamer knows it is looking to be a bad a$$ shooter. Is the panel comic laughing at f**boys? Hell yeah, I always laugh at the stupidity, and uselessness that is the console wars f**boys.

lokiroo4203600d ago

almost happyface, hes parting the rrod sea.

hippo243600d ago

Well Isnt that funny
Woh you aren't laughing are you?

Shame satire is lost on you people...

Its making fun of the hype surround Killzone, equating it with Moses from the bible leading the poor slave dragging Ps3 members to the freedom of a game so powerful that it shoves the legions of broken xboxs to the side.

Its not a serious statement, its supposed to be funny and everyone is supposed to laugh at how ridiculous it sounds. Like the wet dream of some fanboy.

The Ps3 doesnt need rescuing its doing just fine, and killzone Isn't going to save the Ps3 because it doesnt need "saving".

It satirical and you xbox and sony fanies are confirming that its indeed a problem.

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Helghast Slayer3600d ago

Hahaha allow yourselves to get Killzowned people.

Gue13600d ago

LOL OMG! Having a PS3 is like a curse! Everybody, everywhere is always asking me: "why do you have a PS3?"; to what I say "because I prefer the PS3 over the other consoles!"; and they respond: "but the PS3 is a piece of crap!"... =(