A Look at Why Mac Users Might Want the G-Phone

MacLife writes: "When we first held the T-Mobile G1 phone, feeling its bulk with up-turned noses, we were reminded of 2001: A Space Odyssey. The iPhone looked like the iconic Monolith…and the G1 resembled an ape's club.

But after experiencing its integrated touch screen and keyboard, Bluetooth and Wifi, and a light-as-air trackball, we were surprised to enjoy the G1-phone and its open source operating system, Android, as much as we did. The G1, known colloquially as the "G-phone," has been touted as a potential "iPhone killer." But with a music and app store, as well as a checklist of nifty features, it's the first phone to challenge the iPhone with any degree of success.

But we're Mac users, and so we're very particular (some would say obsessive) about our tech. So the real question for us is this: is the G1 phone a real contender for our affections?"

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