Why $100 is the perfect Blu-ray player price

Lite-On might be releasing a $150 Blu-ray player at some point in 2009, recent rumors suggest. There's not much more information available now, but I don't think it seems out of the question to expect Lite-On or another firm like Memorex to release a player for that price sometime during the year.

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xwabbit3599d ago

Still should get a PS3 tho, its the best Blu-ray player out right now and it keeps getting updates + Web-Browser, Weather Channel, Storage(which you can change any time u want)and you get to play awesome games :)

Sasanova3599d ago

another article written by an american journalist who wrote those articles that had no clue about the ps3. obviously this article stabs at the ps3, pathetically trying to get the people to buy a blueray instead of the fukin low, god dam shame how low you people get. 100 dollar blu ray? lol what an imbecile...let me enlighten you:

no matter how you look at it, no matter who buys the ps3 or a blu ray player, Sonys aim is at the blu ray it self...when you buy that "100" dollar blu ray, you will increase the blu ray market share, thus giving sony the edge on the future market of disk distribution...and let me tell you, every time your beloved microsoft makes money off their 360 and other disks, they will have a fat check written to sony for the use of their blu ray. pathetic garbage journalism, fuk you

killzone2flop3599d ago

Would be a great price point and another nail in ps3's coffin.

GWAVE3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Oh, it's by Cnet, and we ALL know they're the experts on Blu Ray.

*rolls eyes*

Am I the only one who remembers the fact that around the same time of DVD's life span, DVD players were floating around $250-$300 in cost?