GameBosh Review: Brothers In Arms: Double Time - Earned In Blood

GameBosh writes: "This is the sequel to Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 and is oddly only available to buy on the Wii as part of the Double Time compilation. If Medal of Honour Heroes 2 was the game version of Saving Private Ryan, then Brothers in Arms is essentially Band of Brothers, with smaller, more intimate battles won by deploying the right men in the right area.

Whereas other games of this type encourage 'rush in and shoot everyone' heroics, Brothers in Arms all but forbids it. In order to kill enemies firing from cover you'll need to out-flank them by sending your 'fire team' in one direction as a distraction while your 'assault team' sneaks in from the side or rear. To help you plan your manoeuvres, you call up a 3D map showing each squads' position and where the enemy is hiding."

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