Hudson bringing FPS title, Adventure Island to WiiWare

Hudson has finally confirmed that a new Adventure Island title is heading to WiiWare and will release in Europe this April. The company has also announced a FPS which will support the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, also for WiiWare.

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PixlSheX3604d ago

Nice, but i just want 1 thing from Hudson.

Bloody Roar pls!

Smacktard3604d ago

Put Bomberman 64 on Virtual Console ;_;

Mahr3604d ago

Amen to that.

Bomberman 64 was awesome.

Voiceofreason3604d ago

a 50mb or less FPS? Wth are they gonna do rip GoldenEye change the name and some design choices and throw it back out... Wait..With Wifi? Hell I'd actually buy that.
If they could do that with GE and some of the WWe games from N64, they'd be day one downloads

TriforceLightning3604d ago

@Voice:/Just seen the photos of the game and it looks [email protected]:/Wheres Bomberman 64 and Mario Party?