No Innovation? Blame Yourselves: Risk-Taking EA Loses $641 Million

Andrew Giese of Gamer 2.0's SmashPad writes:

"With the economy tightening up, consumers will obviously tighten up their expenses as well. Under this notion, they'll only go after titles they're sure they will enjoy. It's no surprise then that FIFA Soccer 2009 sold nearly 8 million copies worldwide last year, but awesome and arguably innovative games like Mirror's Edge and Dead Space barely sold 1 million.

What a contradiction. Gaming forums are always alight with rabble about how EA doesn't take on risky projects and just pushes the same sports titles out each year with an updated roster. Then, when they finally decide they're going to be more like the 'old EA' and start making more unique, creative games, nobody buys them despite the fact that Dead Space and Mirror's Edge both received fanatical reviews."

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GWAVE3600d ago

There's a lesson in this, children: the so-called "hardcore gamers" are a tiny minority in the vast ocean of mainstream and casual gamers. That's why -- unfortunately -- a strong advertising budget is more important than pumping money into development, content creation, and bug testing (see Fable II and Guitar Hero: World Tour for reference).

techwizz3599d ago

I definitely agree. But we're a country where college football coaches make twice what university presidents, so is it all that surprising? The mainstream is the land of the lowest common denominator.

Amadeo3600d ago

This is something I can't agree with more. I was just having this conversation with the producer of the Godfather games last week, and with the old PR Manager at LucasArts. It really pisses me off to be frank. I hate that when a company is innovative, they're burned (financially). And that just scares them away from trying to do anything differently. It really pisses me off because it only promotes stagnation...f--k, I'm angry now...

AnthonyPerez3599d ago

We talked about this after your interview and yeah, the negative reviews for Mirror's Edge don't make much sense. I can't say much about Dead Space since I only played it for about a half hour, but it has solid, if not exactly "groundbreaking," action.

But in regards to Mirror's Edge, I thought it was a damn fine game. I understand the issues some other reviewers had with it, but I didn't find them to kill the experience. I was actually grateful for the difficulty of the jumping puzzles. Blowing through a level is fun, but if you could make every jump and easily take out every bad guy, then people would be complaining about how incredibly easy, simple, and mindless the game is.

CrashSpyro1233599d ago

Is it any wonder that we suffer from sequel-itis. The author's got it right. We b*tch and moan about wanting something "new" especially from EA and then we don't buy the damn games. Well, I bought both so I guess it's not my fault.

blueleopard3599d ago

FIFA sold 7 million more copies than Dead Space and Mirror's Edge? That's insane. I mean, neither have well known names but... is a game where you shoot undead alien monster babies in ZERO GRAVITY

...and the other is one where you run up walls, across rooftops, and eventually slide kick dudes in the nads...

and people aren't willing to buy them?

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