America's Army Is Most Downloaded War Game

The US Army has announced its PC shooter, America's Army, is the most-downloaded war game, IncGamers report.

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Leord3601d ago

This is quite interesting. I guess everyone wants to check out exactly what it is.

Downloads is not equal to liking it... (not all illegal downloads equal a sale either)

pswi603601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

This game is free, is constantly updated, and is a blast to play.

I remember back when version 1.6 came out, which added a realistic health system, and a new aiming/recoil system. Then they came out with the Special Forces patch around 2.0, which gave you a mod-able m4 and different maps (like Chopper Search And Rescue) and Sandstorm.

I have to commend the Army and the developers of this game, because anyone with a decent PC can download it for free and not only learn about the Army, teamwork, but also its a great FPS with a tremendous sense of realism, competition and fun.

If you haven't tried it, you would be foolish not to. Version 3.0 is gonna rock on the new UE engine.

/Edit: Please keep in mind people that this game is NOTHING like the AA:True Soldiers game that was release for Xbox 360. That game completely sucked balls forever. The PC game is the real deal, i would give it a 9.3/10 if I had to give it a rating. If you do end up trying it, don't quit cause you get owned, keep playing, as this game will make you better at all FPS period.

phosphor1123601d ago

Free pswi60 said. But I don't like the propaganda they try to put in to recruit players into the army. I mean, that is their whole goal with this game. Once again though, it's not sucks in it though. Lol..a lot...considering there is a butt load of buttons you have to learn.

Skizelli3601d ago

Of course they're trying to recruit you. No big secret there. But it's not like they're putting a gun to your head and forcing you to join. It's still a pretty solid game regardless. I was sad to see the 360 version get butchered, as it doesn't do the PC version any justice at all. Sadly, I know some people who won't play this game because they're paranoid about giving the Army their info, which is laughable. You can play this game anonymously.

Dorjan3601d ago

I never would have guessed that!

Maticus3601d ago

Well it's free so it's not surprising. But grats to the US army for developing such a popular game I guess.

AndyA3601d ago

Still going strong? Isn't there a new Unreal Engine 3 version due out soon?

pswi603601d ago

yes, they are in Beta for 3.0 now.

once 3.0 is released, imma start playing this again.

morganfell3601d ago

If I made a soda and freely distributed it, then claiming that more people drink my soda than any other is hardly bragging rights.

Maybe they should also include the stat that says "Most hacked game since the first Counterstrike"

pswi603601d ago

i agree with your comment about this being a game with cheaters.

i used to play AA competitive under TWL and CAL, and believe me, i know all about hackers in AA. Punkbuster rarely works, allthough it was always fun seeing a PB update stealth release and watching people get perm-banned.

this is a great game for free, there is no denying it. perhaps that's why there are so many cheaters.

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