Economic Crisis Paving the Way for Mainstream HD?


Combined with timely price cuts on the PS3 and other Blu Ray players this year, the whole game may change because of this economic crisis. We'll have a much better idea of what the full impact will be, and what decisions have been made after June or July. But those who are still saying that HD gaming, (and more specifically the PS3) will be choked out by this crisis, should broaden their view of the situation. There is a silver lining here, and for gaming, it just may be golden.

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GWAVE3602d ago

People who say the PS3 will die are time travellers from early 2007. You have to be on the payroll or truly ignorant if you think the PS3 will drop out with so much success going for it.

TruthbeTold3602d ago

but people are indeed still saying it.